Instant Classic: Laydy Em Crushing Food on Matt

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Instant Classic: Laydy Em Crushing Food on Matt

Postby flattenedone » Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:46 am

This is sure to be one of the top 5 clips of all time on FWP. Laydy Em wanted to crush some food on Matt and she nearly him while doing it.

While lying on the hard floor Em starts by trampling bananas on his chest. As the bananas squish out from between her toes, Matt's shirt gets slippery. The lack of care for Matt's well being becomes abundantly clear as her foot slips landing full weight on Matt's throat/neck. Does she rush to get off? Of course not. She simply pushes him to the point his vision starts to fade.

Next up is oranges followed by egg plants. The egg plants were the toughest to crush, surprisingly. She had another slip up while crushing the egg plants where her foot slipped nearly taking Matt's head off.

At this point she wanted to sit on some bigger stuff. She places a watermelon on Matt's chest and literally butt drops it. Much to her surprise it stayed in tact. She angrily bounces on it until red juice starts to ooze down Matt's side. Once it gave a little she finished it off with a forward facing butt drop that obliterated it... and Matt.

Matt was fried at this point... his ribs were screaming with pain. He likened the watermelon to having a 300 lb woman bouncing up and down on a bowling ball on your ribs. Intense stuff! Laydy Em wasn't through with him yet, though. As a finale she wanted to butt drop a cake on his chest... and that she did!

Again, definitely some of the greatest footage to come through FWP.

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