BigmommaKat's First Fruit Crush

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BigmommaKat's First Fruit Crush

Postby flattenedone » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:52 am

You asked for it and we're finally able to deliver. BigmommaKat wanted to put various fruits to the test under her 600 lb frame. She starts with lemons, moves on to cantaloupes, and finishes off with a watermelon.

The lemons literally explode under her feet. She crushes 15 in all and what's left after she's finished is a pile of mush. As she applies pressure, you can hear audible pops as the lemons get obliterated in addition to the sounds of the lemon juice forcefully squirting everywhere.

Next she moves onto trampling a cantaloupe. While still somewhat soft, we thought it'd hold up a little better than the lemons. Not so! She likens it to "your head" during the crushing and it's eerily similar to that actually.

Her next victim is another cantaloupe... only this time she moves onto sitting. Well, sitting is used loosely here as she literally jumps on this thing butt first. At the initial point of impact, it goes from whole to vanished in less than a second. Imagine that being your chest during an all out butt drop from BMK! She actually tries to put it back together only so she can butt drop it again.

For the finale she moves up to the watermelon. As she slowly applies her massive ass and weight to this thing, it's scary listening to it crack and crush. Ive never seen a watermelon get so destroyed once she really decides to "turn it on" with crushing this thing. It literally pops like a balloon!

What's inside?: ssbbw crushing, food crushing, bbw, ssbbw, ssbbw bouncing, object crushing, butt drops

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