Felicity Nearly Ends Matt - Extreme Throat Crushing!!

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Felicity Nearly Ends Matt - Extreme Throat Crushing!!

Postby flattenedone » Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:22 pm

Felicity is back is more ferocious than ever!

She told Matt going into this shoot that she wanted to push his limits with throat crushing. She's already pushed him to the point of seeing stars and being hoarse for days after previous shoots.

This go around she trampled and sat on Matt's throat. No padding. Full weight... at about 150 lbs. As time went on, she'd stay on his throat a little longer. She also started ignoring his taps a little more.

At one point she stood on one foot, full weight on his neck, well past a mercy tap. Matt was out. The diabolical Felicity simply moved her weight to his chest and kicked his face to wake him up. When that didn't work, what does she do? Move back to full weight throat standing of course!

He remains out for a couple of seconds until he comes to with 150 lbs of violent woman crushing his windpipe. You can here him suffocating and panicking as he comes too. Definitely the most intense domination we've had on the store to date.

WHAT'S INSIDE: throat sitting, throat trampling, throat crushing, trample passout, trample blackout


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