Trainer pedal pumping her BMW in Sky High Stiletto pumps

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Trainer pedal pumping her BMW in Sky High Stiletto pumps

Postby pedalezine » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:04 am

Gymnastic World All-Around Champion, Kim was left with the keys to her boyfriends Spanking Brand New BMW that he just recently bought with just about all his life savings. He went out of town and left her the keys never thought she'd use it and abuse it the way she did. He simply thought she would drive it to her Gym where she now works as a Gymnastic trainer she's really hot.. He never in his life thought she would go wild pushing the pedal to the floor driving it wild and crazy, doing burnouts, and revving it to its demise. Well she did just that she was already a little aggravated at him going on of town on short notice. She was suspecting that he was cheating on her.So she also took a little mini vacation herself hanging out with me for two days that turned into two weeks. We went to the beach and had a great time midway through the second day on our little excursion the private investigator that she hired to track him had horrible news. I was there to witness it. Sitting at Gators on Johns Pass in Madeira Beach Florida she got a phone call and from her Private Eye a Butch Lesbian I could tell by the heavy voice on the phone. She told her that her boyfriend was with another woman wining and dining living it up on her dime at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi-Mississippi. He was not on a business trip selling Farm equipment as he was stated. He asked her if he could use her AMEX card to book his flight. I never saw a womans face get so red in my life. The private eye said she was emailing her photos right at that momen. Kim didn't have her laptop or anyway to access it but i just happened to have my Sony Viao laptop in my back pack. I whipped it out with my Wireless NET Card this was back in 2009 by the way I waited 3 years because her boyfriend tried to sue her for what she done to his car. Well he lost the case after he couldn't continue paying his attorney and Kim's attorney continue to file motions and dragged it out. Well after a good 10 minutes or so and her already downed two SHOTS of Tequila the ~PM~ finally downloaded with the picture attachments. The look on her face was that of pure rage when she saw these pictures of her boyfriend getting intimate with another woman. Worse she felt he was doing it on her dime she paid for his plane ticket. At that moment I saw the look on her face. It was a look of acceptance and reassurance. I knew she was going to destroy his car. She was steaming! After her third shot of Tequila she was loose. So I knew she wouldn't say no so I offering her a foot massage to help calm her down she had no problem flopping her feet into my lap almost damn near ball busting me she was tipsy. After about 3-4 minutes into the foot massage she began to laugh it up in such a sinister way . It was like I was in a dream. Here I am prepping her sexy barefoot to punish this BMW. I thought i was dreaming. Now she's beginning to talk about how shes gonna destroy that car of his. She even pressing her foot as i'm massaging it giving me an example of what she's going to do. She blurted out in a drunken slur are your camera's charged, she said you better makes sure because i'm going to give you a pedal pumping run that car into the ground show that you'll never forget.. Now i'm rock hard and nervous she's gonna see or feel my rock hardness in my pants but she didn't seem to care at all she was ready to put her foot down on that BMW's gas pedal and punish it because.
She's a sexy hard body female with a broken heard and the keys to the heart breakers BMW. Needless to say within 4 hours her boyfriends BMW would no longer exist. Check out the final moments a quite sad ending to such a beautiful luxury machine!! She pushed it and pushed to its limit pedal pumping and flooring the gas pedal over and over again and again redlinging the RPM gauge running the motor Red Hot it just couldn't take any more abuse the to be continued. find out how the story ends visit us the link is located below this line.. [url]


get the samples of the whole episode with Kim and the BMW she's really flooring it as you can see. She's racing cars on the road, passing folks with her foot to the floor. Enjoy her with each pair of high heels on watch how fast she goes 120 mph with her foot to the floor.. She rans the BMW as hard as she can flooring it time and time again.. Even includes a barefoot segment at the end when her feet started hurting from all that HEAVY hard pedal to the metal action she had to slip them off

This is what happens when your girlfriend has the key to your fine automobile as she is innocently filming some pedal pumping foot fetish video
clips with her good friend. She starts off babying the car just lighting touching her stilettos on the gas pedal and calming driving your car. She's taking full care and precautions
not to ruin it. Even telling her photographer friend that she's not abusing his car for the shoot she won't floor it or rev it up. Everything turns around for the
better as far as the photographer is concerned when she gets an important phone call from her private investigator. She calls her to let her know your out wining and dining with your Mistress at a Casino when our suppose to be on a business trip.
Suddenly calmly cruising pedal feather photo shoot become a car jerk whiplash adrenaline rush for the photographer. The engine goes VROOM and her foot stomps downhard on the gas pedal over and over until the BMW Motor could not take any more abuse. . As your girlfriend is doing endless donuts ripping and burning your brand new car relentlessly. Suddenly a warning alarm goes off Notifying occupants to exit the vehicle immediately just in time for the photog to pull out his Camera equipment before the engine goes BOOOM completely destroying your whole vehicle.
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Re: Trainer pedal pumping her BMW in Sky High Stiletto pumps

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