My feet stink! 3month straight worn socks!

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My feet stink! 3month straight worn socks!

Postby Lillylongtoez » Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:20 am

hey people my name is Lilly Long Legz and i have a pair of socks that I have been wearing for 3 months straight! I just wanted to see exactly how stinky a pair of socks could really get and i have to say these things reek so BAD! :shock: I have been wearing them every day and wear them when I workout, go shopping, play soccer, jog, ride my bike, play basketball, basically anything that works up a sweat. Not only that every day when i get home and take them off i have been sealing them up in a zip lock baggy so they dont lose any of the smell :lol: lol.. They have never touched the floor and have only been on my feet and in my smelly shoes, so every inch of stinch is strictly from my sweaty feet. Now to the fun part, I have made a video explaining in detail about my socks and i show off my sexy feet in the video as well. I am selling these socks and i promise who ever the poor bastard is that buys these is going to pass the hell out once they smell them hehehe i love it! I am not exaggerating either, these will be the stinkiest socks you have ever smelt in your life! not only do you get the socks when you by them but you also get a custom made video from me that includes me calling you by your name, making fun of you, and giving you step by step directions tell you to suck all of the sweat out of my sock! here is the link to my video so check me out and ~PM~ me if you are interested, NOW bow down and suck my toes bitch! :mrgreen:
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Re: My feet stink! 3month straight worn socks!

Postby romanze » Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:01 am

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