Forums Upgraded and cleaned up several thousand posts.

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Forums Upgraded and cleaned up several thousand posts.

Postby feet4all » Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:06 pm

We finally upgraded the forums this weekend.. Sorry it took so long. With this upgrade it will be easier to mass delete posts from members who spam or bombard forums with the wrong type of content.

I did do a quick sweep of the forums to remove off topic posts and move posts that were not in the correct forums to the appropriate ones.

We do not regularly monitor these forums, but if there is an issue, please pm me and I'll jump right on it..

Many of you already pm me from time to time when there is an issue, and I totally appreciate it because it allows the board to stay somewhat free of spammy crap while saving us from wasting the time of going through everything on a regular basis.

Thanks Again,
Feet 4 ALL Admin.
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