Nylon foot tickling and shoe loss comics - The Interview

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Nylon foot tickling and shoe loss comics - The Interview

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Just wanted to plug the comics and stories I've worked on because I think you guys would like it. The focus is on stocking feet, tickling and shoe loss.


You can also get sample pages read my stories for free here:


Here's a story of mine called "The Interview"

The Interview

Part 1: Rebecca

The disheveled girl tried to tie her sneaker more tightly, but the laces just ripped apart as she tried to pull them tight. The girl cursed in frustration as she threw the tattered remains of her laces aside. Rebecca watched her with sympathy as the subway bounced along. "I wonder if she's homeless," she thought to herself. It was difficult to tell, because it looked as if she had bathed recently. Her hair looked very well kept, it was long and straight and combed nicely. She was probably no older than Rebecca, with a very pretty clean young face and nice teeth. She looked Latino but Rebecca wasn't sure. Her clothes looked like they were probably nice at one point, but her Cashmere sweater was torn, and her jeans had holes in them. Rebecca could see dirt stains on them, as if she spent a lot of time on the street. Through the holes of her jeans Rebecca could see a hint of sheer black nylon, possibly to keep her warm on cold nights.

After giving up on securing her beat up, loose fitting sneakers, the girl looked up and caught Rebecca staring at her. As if in response, the girl stared back at her, examining Rebecca's fresh professionally applied makeup, business suit, expensive black pantyhose and designer pumps. Rebecca suddenly felt very self conscious. She blushed as she looked away making as if to brush her long blonde hair out of her face with her hands. Rebecca wasn't a rich girl, but at 25 she had grown up with a lot of advantages. Her parents were wealthy enough to send her to a good school to get her law degree, and she could afford expensive clothes from her part time job at one of Sophisticate's department stores. She certainly looked rich. Had she not been on her way to a job interview she probably would not have dressed so immaculately. Still, she couldn't help but feel a sense of misplaced guilt as the girl eyed her two hundred dollar shoes. Rebecca self consciously tried to hide her shoes by crossing her legs under her seat. Still, the girl continued to stare enviously.

Trying to get her mind off things, Rebecca opened one of her law text books. "I might as well brush up on my studies for the interview," she thought to herself as she turned to the more difficult chapters of the book. She knew the law firm she was interviewing for was a stickler, not just for professional appearance, but also for honed professional knowledge. Previous applicants had been tested on all sorts of obscure cases during their interviews, and many didn't make the cut because they didn't have the knowledge. As Rebecca's mind got lost in her text book, the train made several stops and grew more crowded. In trying to make room for a woman sitting next to her Rebecca took her legs out from underneath the seat and sat with her knees together.

At one of the stops, Rebecca had nearly finished reading when she suddenly felt someone grab her by the back of her shoes and lift her feet off the floor. She let out a startled cry when she felt her pumps abandon her feet. It all happened so fast that she didn't have time to react. She dropped her book in shock and looked at her outstretched feet, now shoeless, with her toes wiggling and spreading in panic under her sheer black nylons. "My shoes!" was all she could say in response. And she looked around desperately trying to find the culprit. The train was so crowded that it was hard to find anyone in particular, and Rebecca was so shocked that she didn't know what to do.

"Over there!" the woman next to her said pointing to the girl who was staring at her shoes earlier. Sure enough, she was carrying her expensive gray pumps and making a run for the exit.

"Stop her!" Rebecca shouted, with her legs still extended in front of her. She was still frozen in shock, but was now just realizing what had happened. Unfortunately, it was too late, the girl had run off the train and the doors had closed. "No! " Rebecca cried finally getting to her feet and pushing her way towards the door. "Open the doors! She stole my shoes!" she shouted as the passengers watched her sympathetically. But the train had already started moving, and Rebecca watched helplessly as the girl ran out of the subway station with the stolen gray pumps.

As the train entered the tunnel, Rebecca looked down at her stocking feet in despair. The rest of the passengers looked at her sympathetically and did their best to console her. "If you need a witness, I'll vouch for you," one man said as he allowed her to take his seat.

"She stole them right off my feet!" Rebecca said in disbelief as she continued staring at her stocking feet. Her pretty toes continued to wiggle, the red paint on her toe nails showing daintily through the sheer material. As saddened as she was by the loss of her shoes, especially on the day of her big interview, she couldn't help but feel strangely … excited.

What many people didn't know was that Rebecca had a nylon and shoe fetish, and she had fantasized about this sort of thing happening to her for many years. In fact, she had even fantasized about stealing the shoes of other women. But she had never dared act on it before, nor was she ever the victim … aside from a few instances when she went to catholic school. But it was never something as overtly criminal as this. She remembers having her loafers stolen by boys and being tickled through her nylons. It was an exciting time, and something she dreaded, yet somewhat looked forward to each time slipped into her uniform each morning, and that's when she started having these fantasies.
And now it had happened for real, as an adult, on possibly the worst day it could have happened. What was she going to do? Go to the interview in her stocking feet? Buy new shoes? She couldn't help but be strangely aroused by the situation. She noticed that many guys were staring at her feet as well, and adjusting their positions to allow their stiff cocks to find room. They were turned on by it to! Rebecca felt so helpless and vulnerable yet so sexually aroused that she could barely control herself. A flood of emotion overwhelmed her. She clenched her fists and curled her toes trying to recompose herself. She was breathing heavily. But there was no holding back, and without warning, she burst into tears.

"Oh, it's alright hun," a consoling woman next to her said patting her back. "You can always get new shoes. That poor girl will probably wind up in jail one day. You're much better off than her."

"Thank you," Rebecca said forcing herself to relax. "It's not that, it's just …" she sobbed … well it wasn't really a sob, more life a giggle, "I'm just shaken up by it is all," she said continuing her strange half cry / half laugh. Rebecca had never felt stranger in her life. She was experiencing such a unique combination of emotions: Fear, arousal, embarrassment, despair, and laughter? Was she really already finding this funny? One thing was sure, she was never going to forget this day, and in away, she wanted to thank the girl for making her feel so … alive.

Part 2: Song

"Wow! Five inch classic pumps? I don't think I've seen a woman wear shoes like those in over a decade. Very nice," a man said as he admired Song's black designer shoes. Song blushed shyly. The Chinese Harvard graduate had been complimented before on her always professional attire, but this guy was cute, and she couldn't help but be flattered.

"Thank you," she said bashfully with a slight hint of a Mandarin accent, "I don't think I'd survive without my pumps. I'm only 4'10'' without them. No one would take me seriously."

"Well, you certainly have good taste," the man said before stepping off the elevator. Song smiled self consciously as she examined her black business suite for wrinkles, her white pantyhose for runs, and she checked her mirror to make sure her makeup was applied well and her hair was combed straight. She had to admit that she was pretty, even if she remained humble when anyone complimented her on her looks. At 23 years old, she was somewhat of a prodigy, graduating from Harvard Law School with honors. Very few women her age managed to achieve as much as she did. She passed every test she took at or near the top of her class. She only hoped she could pass this interview so she could send enough money home to her parents in China to make up for how much money they spent putting her through law school.

Satisfied with her appearance she waited for the elevator to arrive at her destination. The door opened. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out, skillfully maneuvering like a cat in her incredibly high heels. Men passing by couldn't help but look at her. She was quite a catch. But Song had never had a boyfriend. She had always been too busy with her studies. She had turned down many men that she otherwise would have loved to go out with. "Career first, then I can marry," she said repeating her parents' chant. Despite being an independent young woman, she was still very traditional in most respects.

Arriving at the firm's office, Song couldn't help but be impressed. It was so high class, so clean and immaculate. No wonder they had such high standards. Song knew that she had it made if she got this job. Song peered into the central office. She could see a pretty blond lawyer speaking with a young Chinese woman dressed in black, she had a detective's police badge around her neck. Song was surprised, she was not used to seeing Female Chinese police detectives in Nylondon City, and she was probably not much older than Song.

"You must be Song," the receptionist said when Song entered. "You're interviewing with Nadja right?"

"Yes, Nadja Kaminski," Song smiled and nodded. Her voice was high pitched and adorable.

"Okay, great, you're quite a bit early, have a seat in our library. Nadja will see you when she's ready. Right now Song's in a meeting with Detective Mei Lin. There's another applicant scheduled for an interview before you, but she's not here yet. If she gets here late, I'll make sure you get in first."

Upon entering the library, Song was in awe of all the legal books the firm had. She could hardly believe a law firm would even need such an extensive private library. Some of the books were quite old, dating back to the eighteenth century. It was almost like a museum. Song grabbed one of the older books and leafed through it curiously. She sat down at a table as she read through the book, captivated by its historical significance.

After a few minutes, the door opened. Song looked up to see a very pretty young blonde woman enter. At first Song thought it might be Nadja, and she stood up to greet her. But then she noticed that the woman wasn't wearing any shoes. She was immaculately dressed in a business and black pantyhose, but her stocking feet were exposed for the world to see. "That's strange," Song thought to herself, "I'd never walk around in public without shoes, especially in such a professional office such as this."

"Oh, you can sit down," the woman said politely, "I'm Rebecca, just another applicant here for an interview."

"Ah, okay," Song said taken slightly aback. She couldn't help but look down at Rebecca's nylon clad feet. They were quite attractive, and her red painted toenails seemed to glisten nicely through the thin mesh. "Why would she come to such an important interview without shoes?" Song thought to herself quite astonished. Then she looked up at Rebecca's face again, and noticed that her eyes were somewhat red, as if she had been crying. "The poor girl probably lost her shoes on the way," Song thought empathetically. A wave of anxiety came over her when she started to put herself in Rebecca's shoes, or lack thereof, "My god! If I lost my shoes before an interview I'd have a nervous breakdown." She was tempted to ask Rebecca how it happened, but decided against it. It was none of her business, and it was clear the girl was in such distress that talking about it may bring her tears again.

As they both sat down opposite each other at the table Song couldn't help but notice that Rebecca took a long glance at her own shoes. Song couldn't help but feel self conscious. Here she was in expensive designer pumps, and this poor girl had no shoes at all. She made sure to keep her feet hidden from sight under the table so as not to flaunt this inequality.

"You're probably wondering how I lost my shoes," Rebecca finally said with reddened cheeks.

Song couldn't help but express her sympathy, "I did notice it, yes. You poor thing … how did you lose them?"

"Some girl stole them right off my feet in the subway. Can you believe it? And they were a $200 pair." Rebecca said excitedly.

Song was stunned. Just the thought of someone removing the shoes from her sensitive stocking feet and running off with them sent shivers down her spine. She unconsciously made sure to keep her feet firmly in her own shoes. She would just die if someone stole her shoes off her feet. "My God! You poor thing. And you still came to the interview? Couldn't you have called in to say you were going to be late at least? And got a new pair of shoes?"

"I really need this job. I can't afford to be late. I'm hoping that by coming anyway in my stocking feet it will show them how dedicated I am. Besides, I have an ace in the hole," something about the way Rebecca said that last part made Song feel very uneasy. She decided to not press further though as it looked as though Rebecca had turned her interest to her text book. Song worried that perhaps this job was not in the bag after all. In an attempt to ease her anxiety, and take her mind off of Rebecca's predicament, which had strangely aroused her, she too turned her attention back to her book.

A minute hadn't gone passed when Song felt something soft brush against the top of her foot. This made her jump a bit and she looked up at Rebecca to see if she noticed. Rebecca's face was still buried in her text book. Song tried to turn her attention back to the book when she suddenly felt Rebecca's soft nylon clad feet caress her ankles. She was playing footsie with her! "What are you doing?" Song asked in surprise.

"What do you mean?" Rebecca asked matter of factly without bothering to lift her head to face Song.

"Stop touching my ankle with your feet!" Rebecca demanded, although she had to admit that she was somewhat enjoying the sensation.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Rebecca said with no hint of emotion. But underneath the table, her toes were getting more playful as they caressed and tickled the top of Song's foot. Song grunted and giggled in frustration as she tried to pull her foot away and out of reach of Rebecca's probing toes. She soon realized that this was a horrible mistake. Because as soon her foot was off the floor, Rebecca's flexible toes managed to jam their way into the instep of Song's vulnerable pump and pop it right off her foot. She spread her toes reflexively upon feeling the cold air on her sheer white stocking clad foot and sat shocked.

"No! No! " Song submissively said panicking as she tried to recover her shoe. She couldn't feel it anywhere, and her legs were too short to reach the other end of the table. Unfortunately, in her attempt to recover her shoe, she had put her other still shod foot at risk. Rebecca slipped her toes into that shoe as well and pried it right off just as easily as the first shoe. Song squealed in frustration when she felt her shoe come off. "Shit! You bitch! Give them back now!" Song shouted surprising herself with her swearing, it was something she almost never did.

Try as she might she could not find her shoes under the table with her wiggling outstretched feet. She peered underneath and fumed as she watched Rebecca's adept stocking feet slip into the stolen shoes. They fit her perfectly, much to Song's annoyance. But it was clear that they were too far under the table for poor Song's short legs to reach. Indeed her feet didn't even touch the floor from her seat now that she was shoeless. As Song gazed at her freshly exposed stocking feet and purple toenail polish through the sheer white material, she couldn't help but feel an overwhelming feeling of arousal. The helplessness of her soft sensitive feet, which at this point couldn't even reach the floor because of their shoeless state, made her feel an intense sensation of vulnerability. She felt like a helpless kitten. She was mortified, aroused, angry, and driven almost to despair. But as she felt the soft carpet brush lightly against her toes she also couldn't help but laugh. It tickled. She was laughing despite her distressed state. And the woman across from her just smiled at her, as if knowing exactly how she felt, and relishing every moment.

Rebecca's expression made her fume, "You fucking bitch!" she cursed dropping down to her knees so that she could crawl under the table and reclaim her shoes. But Rebecca was quick, and she quickly stood up and backed away before Song good get to them. And to make matters worse, just then the door opened and Nadja entered catching poor shoeless Song under the table.

"Song? What are you doing down there? Were you the one cursing in here?" Nadja asked accusingly.

"Yes it was her," was all Rebecca could say smiling.

Song was mortified. She didn't know what to do. She was so ashamed she didn't want to crawl out from under the table. But she wasn't going to let Rebecca get away with it either. "She stole my shoes! Right off my feet!" Song countered.

Nadja looked to Rebecca for answers, but Rebecca just shook her head and shrugged. Nadja looked at Rebecca's shoes, and much to Song's dismay they seemed to fit and match Rebecca's outfit so well that it seemed preposterous that she had stolen them. "Get out from under there, Song, I want to see you in my office," Nadja said with disgust. With tears in her eyes, Song crawled out from under the table in disgrace. She stood up in front of Nadja and frowned when she realized how much shorter she was now that her shoes were gone. She had to gaze up at Nadja's disapproving face like a child. Nadja turned around and walked regally to her office, while a now disheveled and stocking footed Song followed with her head down in shame.

Once inside the office Nadja finally spoke. "I'm very disappointed in you, Song. You seemed like such a gifted applicant. But here you are, cursing, crawling under desks, and even showing up with no shoes? Is this how you think we run this firm?"

"I had shoes! That girl stole them. She popped them right off my feet! I'm telling the truth!" Song protested, but she could see it was useless.

Nadja just shook her head in disbelief. "Listen, Song, I like you. When we spoke on the phone you seemed so sweet. But it's clear that you're not ready for this sort of job. I guess you really are too young to play in our leagues. You're not mature enough. I'll give you some advice so that you won't mess up your next interview so badly. Don't crawl under desks, keep your language professional, don't curse, and dress professionally! Look at the way I'm dressed and learn from it. I'm wearing mostly sophisticate brand clothing. It's really the best brand around nowadays, so make sure you get it. My business suit is a dark color, it looks more professional. So are my pantyhose, black goes with everything. But most importantly, where shoes!"


"No buts! That's another thing. Don't go blaming other people for your mistakes. I know it's a competitive job market, but what you said about Rebecca was uncalled for. Nadja said flaunting her beautiful nylon clad legs and brown satin pumps. "Look how professional they look. High heels accentuate my legs, and make me look taller and more authoritative. You can definitely use that. Your stocking feet, though cute, won't get you any jobs."

It was all Song could stand, as this rich tall, and successful pretty lawyer flaunted her sexy high heels while she had to stand there dwarfed in her stocking feet. She looked down at her white nylon clad feet in shame, and wiggled her cute little toes. The feeling of arousal came back, as this woman continued to berate her and flaunt her shoes in front of her. She felt so mortified, so embarrassed, and yet so vulnerable and helpless. She couldn't understand why she kind of liked it. Why did this feeling tickle her so?

"Okay, now go Song, and good luck with your other interviews. Don't feel so bad, there will be more, and you'll be better prepared next time," Nadja said smiling, "I have to interview Rebecca now."

"But … my shoes," Song said meekly. "Don't make me leave in just my thin stockings … please!"

"You came here in stocking feet, so I don't' see what's so bad about leaving in them," Nadja said coldly as she ushered her out of the room. Song stared at her feet in dismay as Rebecca entered Nadja's office for her interview. She couldn't even face her she felt so helpless. Yet her excitement and arousal was still high, and the overwhelming emotion took over as she left the office staring at her vulnerable nylon clad feet, still fresh from being forced from the safety of her shoes. How was she going to get home now?

As if on autopilot, Song trudged her way towards the elevator and pressed the button to go down the main lobby. She couldn't resist staring at her feet the whole time, and she caught others in the elevator staring as well. What was it about being in her stocking feet in a public place that made her feel so tingly and vulnerable? She couldn't understand how this humiliating ordeal had actually made her somewhat excited and aroused. As she approached the main entrance, a decision had to be made. Was she willing to set foot outside in her delicate stocking feet? Inside the floors were clean and smooth, but outside the sidewalk was rough and dirty. As a traditional Chinese girl, she was accustomed to walking around inside without shoes, but walking outside without shoes was unthinkable. In fact, Song was so shy she hated being seen in public without shoes, much less walking around outside.

"There's no way I'm going out there in just my stockings," she thought to herself. "But what should I do?" Song looked around anxiously, hoping to find something or someone who can help her. Maybe someone had an extra pair of shoes they could lend her. There were a few people that stared at her stocking feet. She was too shy to approach any of them, it was so embarrassing. Finally, she decided what to do. "Why should I leave without my shoes, that bitch up there has no right to them. I'll wait until she comes down and take them back by force if necessary." And so, with her mind made up, Song waited in the lobby for her nemesis.

Part 3: Nadja

"Well, I'm quite impressed by your credentials and knowledge," Nadja said to Rebecca as they sat in the office, "I must say that you are more than qualified for the position, I only have one more question for you."

"Shoot," Rebecca said excitedly knowing that the job was nearly hers.

"Those shoes you're wearing," Nadja said, "The other girl said you stole them from her. Is that true?"

Rebecca frowned, "Of course not. I don't know why she came here without shoes, but you saw how crazy she was … crawling under the desk and all. Frankly I feel sorry for her. She probably lost her shoes on the way and was so desperate that she tried to steal them from me."

Nadja looked at Rebecca for a moment. There was no reason not to believe her, but she had enough suspicion to question the validity of her claim. If Rebecca was lying, she was an excellent liar, because Nadja saw no hint that she may be lying, and, being a lawyer, Nadja was very good at seeing through people's lies. "If this girl is lying, than perhaps she'd make a better lawyer than I thought," Nadja thought to herself, "She's clearly determined, and being a good liar can come in handy when you're a lawyer." Still, Nadja had no reason not to believe her. Finally Nadja said, "Okay, you've got the job. Do you have any questions for me?"

"Oh no, thank you," Rebecca said smiling broadly, "I did plenty of research on this firm before coming to the interview, what I found about it answered all my questions about it. I'll take the job."

"I like your initiative," Nadja said, "Very well, I'm going to get lunch, if you'd like we can talk on the way out."
Nadja stood up from behind the desk and lead Rebecca through the office complex, giving her a brief tour. As they walked toward the elevator, Nadja filled in Rebecca on some of the cases they were working on at the moment, and how she could assist with them. While on the elevator, Nadja gave Rebecca a folder of papers to review and fill out before her first day of work. The two were still discussing the job when they stepped into the lobby, and almost immediately were accosted by Song.

"Give me back my shoes now, you bitch!" Song said cornering her against the wall.

"Get away from me!" Rebecca said pushing her away, clearly embarrassed that her new boss was seeing this. Due to her slippery stockings on the smooth floor, Song lost her balance and fell forward, right at Rebecca's feet.

"Cunt! I won't let you leave this place with my shoes!" Song said grabbing Rebecca by the back of her shoes with the hope of wrestling them off her feet. Song, though small, was stronger than she looked. She managed to pull Rebecca off her feet so that her ass hit the floor hard. Before Nadja's eyes, Rebecca's shoes were stripped off her feet, and a victorious Song ran towards a nearby restroom clutching the shoes close to her chest. Nadja was surprised to see how quickly Rbecca was on her feet in and giving chase, the two girls slipping and sliding on the marble floor in their slippery nylons.

"Wow!" was all Nadja could say as she followed them to the ladies room. She had to see how this little catfight over a pair of pumps was going to play out. When she arrived, she saw Rebecca banging on one of the stalls. "Give me back my shoes or I'll call the police!" Rebecca said. Underneath the stall, a pair of feet could be seen in black high heels. Rebecca got to her knees and, with both hands, grabbed the shoes. A shriek could be heard from inside the stall as the pumps were pulled right off the woman's feet. But the shriek didn't sound like it came from Song. "My shoes!" the woman shouted from inside the stall. Rebecca looked at the pumps in astonishment realizing she had grabbed the wrong woman's shoes. Rebecca looked at Nadja sheepishly, but Nadja just laughed. She found the whole situation amusing.

The stall door opened, and Nadja could see that it was Detective Mei Lin who had been rendered shoeless by the vengeful Rebecca. Mei Lin looked at Rebecca disapprovingly, who was still kneeling in front of the stall. "Sorry," Rebecca said embarrassed as she handed the woman's shoes back, "Wrong shoes," she said.
Just then a nearby stall opened, and Song, happy to have her shoes back on her feet, stepped out and walked past the stunned women. "Excuse me," she said politely as she tried to leave the restroom as if nothing had happened.

Rebecca had almost let her walk out before finally coming to her senses. "Where do you think you're going with my shoes!" Rebecca said as she grabbed Song's legs and pulled her down.

"No! They're mine! You can't have them!" Song shouted as she fought to keep the shoes on her feet. The struggle soon became a wrestling match, complete with hair pulling and dress ripping. It wasn't long before Song's shoes simply fell off in the struggle, but she was still in the fight, and wasn't going to let Rebecca get away with them.

As Mei Lin slipped her shoes back on her feet, she stood next to Nadja watching the two girls duke it out. "Friends of yours?" Mei Lin asked with a hint of amusement.

"Colleagues, actually," Nadja said somewhat embarrassed but also amused. "One of them is a new hire, believe it or not."

"Well, it's good to know that we have such dedicated lawyers in this city," Mei Lin joked as the two continued to watch. Nadja couldn't help but be turned by the sight. She never told anyone publicly, but she was secretly into catfighting and domination. She almost wished she had her camera with her to add this to her collection. After a minute of watching catfight, it was clear that neither woman was willing to give up, and that the fight could only escalate until someone really got hurt. "As much fun as this is to watch, I'm going to have to stop this before someone gets hurt," Mei Lin said at last, "Call security to back me up, these girls are wildcats."

Reluctantly, Nadja left the restroom and informed the security guards in the lobby of the situation. By the time she entered, Mei Lin was already escorting the two women out, the guards made sure to keep the two women separated as they were escorted out of the building. After they left, Nadja noticed that the shoes that the women had been fighting over were left behind on the floor of the bathroom. "Looks like they both lost the fight," Nadja laughed picking up the pumps. They were nice shoes, probably at least two hundred dollars. She was tempted to keep them, but she soon noticed that they were too small for her. "Damn, they're size 7 … too small for me. Oh well, I better return them to Rebecca," she said still assuming the pumps belonged to the blond.
Outside the building Song was still shouting all sorts of profanities at Rebecca. Mei Lin was still trying to get statements from the two women. "Wait, Rebecca!" Nadja shouted after her, "You forgot your shoes."

Mei Lin looked up at her with a beaten expression as if to say, "No, shut up, don't bring up the shoes!"

"Those are my shoes!" Song demanded, "She stole them! Give them back to me!"

"She's lying!" Rebecca countered, "Don't listen to her."

"C'mon girls, let's stop this name calling and get this straightened out," Mei Lin said trying regain control of the dispute, "I don't want to have to take you both down to the – " Mei Lin was interrupted by the sound of her transceiver.

"We have an emergency on Nightmare Ave., all cops and detectives are requested for backup!" the dispatch said. Mei Lin almost looked relieved to hear the call.

"Listen, I have to go, you deal with them, Nadja," and with that, Mei Lin was gone, leaving Nadja to deal with the two pissed off shoeless beauties. Nadja sighed, wondering how she was going to settle this. As the two women stared at her, and at the shoes they both wanted, Nadja couldn't help but chuckle and stare at their wiggling nylon toes on the cold pavement. In truth she didn't want to give the shoes back to either of them.

"Listen girls," Nadja said, "It's clear that this issue isn't going to be settled out here. Perhaps this is best handled in the courtroom. My receptionist can take your statements. I'll bring it before a judge and he can decide who gets to keep these pumps. And Rebecca, pending the results of the case, you can consider your job offer rescinded. In the meantime, be glad you're wearing Sophisticate brand nylons. You won't have to worry about them getting torn on your way home."

The two girls looked at each other baffled as Nadja made her way back to the office with the shoes. "So you're just going to leave us shoeless out on the street?" Rebecca asked enraged.

Nadja just ignored her as she tried to make her way back to her office building. She felt a little bit guilty about doing this, but at the same time, enjoyed the power she had over them. She was a mere step away from the entrance when she felt someone push her down hard from behind. "Get off of me!" Nadja cried trying to shake Song off her back. But the tall lawyer was no match for both of them. Rebecca pulled her legs out from underneath and Nadja fell hard on the pavement. "Ow! You little bitches. You have no chance of getting the job now!"

"We'll see about that," Rebecca countered grabbing the back of Nadja's pumps. A shiver went down Nadja's spine when she realized her own shoes were about to be removed. Still, she tried her best not to betray her fear as Rebecca continued to grip her shoes threateningly.

"How do you feel about flaunting those expensive shoes now?" Song teased.

Nadja laughed nervously, "So what is this, a threat? I either give you the job or you take my shoes off?" she said hiding her fear. She really didn't want to lose her shoes, but hiring this girl at this point was out of the question.

"I don't make threats," Rebecca said slowly pulling on the pumps.

"Don't you dare take my shoes off!" Nadja demanded, now beginning to panic. "I'll sue you, and you know my firm's track record. You'll lose everything!"

But Rebecca seemed unfazed by her threat and continued to pull her heels slowly off. As Nadja felt her heels popping out of her shoes she knew she had to do something quickly. But as she thought about what she could to keep her shoes on, Song jumped on her again and tried to rip the other pair of shoes out of her hands. Nadja clutched them tightly realizing if she lost both pairs, she'd be stuck for the rest of the day in just her thin stockings. Nadja moaned in panic when she felt her toes lose contact with her shoes. Rebecca had pulled them completely off. Nadja flexed and curled her toes in her thin stockings in a panic and kicked the shoes out of Rebecca's hand while she wrestled with Song.

Part 4: Consuela

"I'll give you one hundred dollars for them," the flee market vendor said firmly as he examined a pair of gray pumps, "and that's my final offer."

"One hundred?" Consuela whined in frustration. "These are designer shoes, they're brand new, look at them. They're worth at least two hundred."

"But they're used. I don't see a shoe box or packing. And it looks like the soles have some wear. They are in good condition, I'll grant you that. But once a pair of shoes is worn outside the stores its value depreciates by half."

"Oh alright, I'll take it," Consuela grunted. It was obvious he was going to sell them as new pumps for two hundred, since they had barely any sign of wear, but there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn't find any other vendors that accepted stolen goods. She almost regretted selling the pumps. She really liked them, and would have worn them to replace her ratty old sneakers. But she realized that pumps were probably not the best thing to wear when living on the street, and she needed the money more than the shoes.

Consuela had been a pickpocket since she was a teenager. She had come to Nylondon only recently because she had heard that people were very wealthy here, and she could probably make a killing. But she found life to be more difficult than she had anticipated. There were no shelters, and apartments were very expensive. She had difficulty finding roommates who would accept her without money up front. She was homeless, but her looks were advantageous and allowed her opportunities to spend most nights in some sucker's apartment. Still, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find marks and she soon realized that the day may come when she would have to spend most of her nights out on the street in the downtown district. So, with trepidation, she headed in that direction.

Any remorse she felt for stealing the woman's shoes on the train were made up for when she held the cash in her hands. "Rich girl like that doesn't need those shoes as much as I need this money," Consuela said trying to justify her action. She was desperate, and, if in order to survive, she had to steal some luxuries from the rich, she was willing to do it. "I wonder if I should get new sneakers," Consuela thought as she felt her slippery stocking feet pop slightly out of her loose shoes as she walked, "or at least new laces."
Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard shouting from up ahead. Curiously, Consuela looked across the street to see where the noise came from. It looked as if three rich women were fighting quite voraciously. Consuela laughed at the sight. "Rich girls …" she thought herself, "what trivial thing are they fighting over?" Thinking that she may be able to steal something while the women were distracted, she crossed the street to take a closer look. She was surprised when she recognized one of the women. "Oh my god, that's the girl whose shoes I stole in the subway!" she thought to herself, "and look, there are two pairs of designer pumps lying on the ground next to them. It looks like they fell off in the fight. This is my lucky day."

With ninja like speed, Consuela snatched all four shoes from the pavement. Fortunately, the women were so engaged in their catfight that they didn't notice her. Consuela decided to walk away quickly. She looked at the stolen shoes in her hand and laughed. "Haha, four shoes, six stocking feet, looks like that woman never got new shoes. I wonder if that fight was somehow my fault."

"That's her!" one of the women yelled from behind her. Consuela looked back in alarm. "She's the one who stole my shoes on the subway. She's the one who started this whole thing!" Consuela gulped and turned to run wishing she hadn't received the answer to her question so soon. "She's running away with our shoes! Get her!" the other blond shouted as they chased after her.

Having sneakers gave Consuela a bit of an advantage in the chase. But unfortunately, the sneakers were so loose that trying to keep them on her feet slowed her down a bit. Still, she was faster than her nylon footed pursuers. She knew that, even if she had more stamina than the three women, she would eventually have to stop and rest. She decided to head to the downtown district, hoping that the women would not follow her there. She could hear the women shouting behind her as her legs burned with exhaustion. But as she heard the shouts becoming more distant she was starting to feel satisfied that she had outrun them. She risked a glance back and saw them in the distance, still chasing after her, but clearly slowing down.

"Yes, they're giving up!" she thought to herself. But before she was able to look forward again she suddenly felt one of her sneakers slip off her heel. In trying to keep her shoe from coming off she lost her balance and dropped the high heels she was carrying. "Oh shit!" she grunted as she desperately tried to gather them. One had had landed pretty far away near a dark alley. Realizing that her pursuers would soon be upon her, she decided to grab the shoes and hide in the alley behind a dumpster. Consuela gripped the shoes nervously as she listened for the women.

"Where'd she go?" she heard one of them say as they passed the alley.

"I don't know, maybe she hid in that alley," a high pitched voice said.

"Do you really want to go in there?"

"Nah, let's look down the street a bit further."

Consuela breathed a sigh of relief when she could no longer hear them. She decided to remain hidden for a bit longer just in case they were still around, and so that she could catch her breath. After a few minutes of hiding, she concluded that it was safe to come out. As soon as she stepped out from behind the dumpster she shrieked in terror. All three women were standing in front of her blocking her exit.

"Haha, thought you could hide from us, eh? One good thing about being shoeless is that you can't hear us sneaking up on you," the one with the long blond hair said. "You're not going anywhere."

"Oh shit! I'm sorry. You can have your shoes back!" Consuela said panicking and dropping the shoes on the ground. She backed away fearfully; hoping she could find some way passed them. But she was cornered.

"I see two pairs of shoes there, where are mine?"

"I can get them back for you. Just let me go and I'll fetch them for you," Consuela gulped. It was a longshot, but she had to try it.

"I don't think so. If we let you go that's the last we'll see of you. Do you know that you just cost me and my friend here a job because of your thievery? I think you deserve to be punished!"

Before Consuela could react, the other blond had grabbed her arms from behind. "No! Let go!" Consuela screamed. Consuela's eyes widened when she saw her legs being lifted off the ground in front of her by the other two women. "Aaah! Oh no! Help!" she screamed.

"Do you think someone's going to help you out here? You picked a nice abandoned alley for us to torture you," the blond said as she tugged on the heel of her sneaker.

"No! Please don't take my sneakers. They're all I have!" Consuela begged, especially nervous at the mention of the word torture.

"Well, I know that's a lie, seeing as you stole my shoes this morning," the blond said as she slowly slid the shoe off her heel. "You're sneakers come off so easily, I'm impressed you were able to run so fast in them."

"Please!" Consuela begged as the Asian woman peeled off her other shoe. The slow removal was torture, and the women made sure to slide the top of her shoes against her soft nylon clad sole as they slipped it off her toes. Consuela then remembered, with horror, just how ticklish her feet were. "Hehehe!" she giggled betraying her weakness.

"Looks like we have a ticklish one here," the blond holding her arms said as she tickled her armpits.

"HAHAHAHA!" Consuela laughed loudly.

"Oh, this is going to be fun, go ahead and tickle her feet, Song, don't be shy."

"Oh my god," Song said tossing the sneaker aside. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"Please! Don't tickle me!" Consuela continued to beg. But she had no chance. Before she knew it, both her feet and her armpits were being tickled mercilessly. "DAHAHAHAHA!" she laughed as she spread and wiggled toes reflexively in the thin nylon. This only allowed the two women easier access to the ball of her foot. "Plehehehease! Stop!"

"Oh, but we're only beginning," the blond behind her said as she alternated between tickling her breasts and belly with one hand while holding her in an arm lock with the other. Consuela was now spread eagle and completely at their mercy. Her sheer slippery nylons only made her more ticklish, as the girls now tickled her legs and knees through the holes in her jeans.

"Ahahahahah! I cahahahan't take it, stohahahahop!" She continued to beg as her entire body was tickled from her toes, to her tummy, to her breasts, armpit and neck. Every ticklish spot was being exploited. The tickling went on for what seemed like hours, although, in reality only about ten minutes had passed. "I'm gonna peeheeheheee!" She shouted feeling as though she couldn't contain her fluids. She felt her groin get a little wet, but it wasn't pee, she was actually getting aroused by her tickling. "Oh god! I'm cumming!" she shouted.

"Tickle her harder!" the cruel woman tickling her upper body shouted. The two women resumed the tickle attack on her feet, tickling her mercilessly. Consuela was so weak now that they she could no longer put up a fight. The three women set her down on the ground and now resumed tickling with all of their available fingers. They even used their stocking clad toes to tickle her belly and breasts as they stripped her down to her pantyhose.

"Noohohahahaho!" Consuela gasped as she felt herself being stripped, "Don't … hahaha … strip me … please!" Consuela was so tired now that she couldn't even breathe. She felt like she was about to pass out. As they stripped and tickled her down she found that she didn't even have the energy to laugh anymore. She decided that the best thing she could do was lie as still as possible, and hopefully, they will stop tickling her. Since she had no energy left, it wasn't that hard to do. After a minute of tickling with no reaction, the women finally stopped their tickle torture.

"She passed out," the Asian woman said.

"What now?" the blond who had been tickling her other foot said.

"Well, I know someone else who needs to be punished for stealing my shoes!" the Asian woman said grabbing the blond by the arms and tickling her armpits thoroughly.

"Oh my god, no! Hahaha!"

"I think I'll have a taste of that. She took my shoes too!" the other blond said grabbing the first's legs and tickling her nylon clad feet just as mercilessly as Consuela's had been tickled. Consuela smiled. They were tickling each other! Now was her chance to escape. She was still physically drained by the whole ordeal, but she felt that she had enough energy to make her escape.

"I wonder if I could risk grabbing my clothes and shoes before I escape," Consuela thought to herself as she summoned her strength. Her pants were still around her ankles, and her sweater was still on one arm. She could probably escape with them, but she wasn't so sure about her shoes. They had been tossed on either side of the alley. If she made a grab for them they would certainly catch her before she escaped. The last thing she wanted was for them to turn her over to the police, or even worse, get tickled to exhaustion again. "No, I will have to leave my shoes behind, hopefully I'll be able to get them later," she thought to herself.

With the last of her courage summoned, Consuela pulled up her pants and clutched her sweater. With the speed of a ninja she bolted to a standing position and made her way out of the alley. As she ran, she saw a pair of brown pumps lying in front of her. "I may not be able to grab my shoes, but I can certainly take a pair of theirs'!" she thought to herself as she knelt to grab the pumps before running towards the main street. From behind her, she could still hear the blond woman laughing hysterically as the women tickled her mercilessly. She had escaped, and they hadn't even noticed.

Later that day, Consuela went back to the alley to find her sneakers. As she feared, they were gone. Most likely taken by the woman whose shoes she stole during her escape. "I guess I'm going to have to get used to wearing heels," she said staring down at the expensive two hundred dollar designer pumps on her feet. They fit perfectly.
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Re: Nylon foot tickling and shoe loss comics - The Interview

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I will have to leave my shoes behind, hopefully I'll be able to get them later," she thought to herself.
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