friend lanas feet - teen foot worship story

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friend lanas feet - teen foot worship story

Postby fanofstuff » Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:01 pm for more free stories

Well, I never thought it would happen to me in a million years, but fate plays strange tricks on people. I happened to be home from college on summer vacation. It's one of my favorite times of the year, this being due to shorts that showed lot of a girl's legs and sandals that showed much of a girl's feet.

I happened to be over at my friend Kevin's house where we were watching a movie with his sister Lana. Now I had always found Lana attractive and she was only a year younger than I was, but it never went any farther than just looking. This time was no exception. She was wearing tight jean shorts that were quite short and she was barefoot. She had slim and slightly muscular legs (she was a soccer player) and her feet were about a size six I would guess. She had perfect toes and arches and my eyes constantly trailed those lower appendages.

Kevin hadn't noticed my stares, being so absorbed in the movie. Suddenly, he looked up at the clock and swore saying his parents had asked him to pick up some groceries while they were gone out of town for the weekend. He said I could stay there & watch the rest of the movie with Lana if I wanted. I eagerly agreed.

We finished up the movie silently and all of the sudden Lana said "Do you have a foot fetish or something. I noticed you staring at my feet. I wonder what would you do to my feet if you had the chance?" With a grin on her face, she extended her left leg towards me and set her foot in my lap. I swear that it was a miracle that didn't cum in my pants right there and then. She looked at me sincerely and said that I could do whatever I wanted to her feet. My eyes widening, I asked if she was serious and she nodded that she was.

My hands were now visibly shaking in excitement as I lifted her to my face. Staring at her beautiful sole, I kissed it once slowly. Then, losing all grip on reality, I kissed it again and again rapidly. I licked her silky sole from heel to toe and back again, revealing in the taste and softness of her flesh. She giggled slightly, and I figured she might be a little ticklish, so I decreased my pressure a little, wanting to enjoy this sensation without her pulling her foot away from me.

As I started sucking her toes, she placed her right foot in my lap and rubbed my rock hard member. Again, by some miracle, I was able to hold back the boiling lava of my loins, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to much longer. I licked each round toe and the spaces in between, savoring every second that my tongue danced over her foot. She giggled good naturedly and pulled her foot away, replacing it with her right foot. "Can't forget the other one," she said with a smile on her face. Without reluctance, I went to work on that foot while she placed her left foot on my lap, rubbing me slowly once again.

Losing myself in my work once again, I started to move my hips against Lana's foot. Realizing what was about to happen, she said that I should take my penis out so that I wouldn't cum in my shorts. Slightly embarrassed, I drew it forth and her eyes grew wide. She rubbed her foot over my cock over and over. Feeling a little more bold, I asked if she would give me a foot job. She looked at me, her blue eyes showing curiosity. Instead of verbally explaining, I took both of her feet, which were now lobbed with my own saliva, and positioned them so that my cock was between her soles of her arches.

Starting to get the idea, she started pumping her legs and I moaned in pleasure and a shiver went through my body. I could feel myself getting ready to explode. Then, with a shudder, I came. It landed on her upper thighs, her calves, and her feet. It was an enormous amount, too! Grabbing a Kleenex, she wiped off the mess and I thanked her over and over again. Tossing aside the Kleenex, she straddled me and neared my face, looking into my eyes. Smiling, she kissed me deeply on the lips and then said, "I enjoyed it... a LOT.
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