Best place for FJ is massage parlor

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Best place for FJ is massage parlor

Postby SteveR » Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:23 pm

Guys, if you like footjobs, here is a tip (maybe obvious, but WTF). In every major US city I know of (and of course in Asia too) there are “Asian massage places.” Their basic staple is the handjob, but I have had uncountable footjobs in these places. The girl is sitting there rubbing your cock with oil, 90% of the time without her shoes…it isn’t a big leap to just grab her feet and put them around your cock.

As I sit here, I can’t recall ever being refused. I have had one or two ask for extra money, but even that is rare. I have had a few look kind of shocked, but they did a great job anyway. In fact, it is kind of a little extra thrill to be able to break in a foot-sex virgin, and I love to see the look on her face the first time her nude feet are showered with hot, wet fuck juice. In any case - the vast majority of the time, the girl will just start stroking it with her feet.

Or sometimes I just suck on her toes while she jacks me off. If a girl is already stroking your naked, rock-hard cock with her bare hands, I don’t see any need to be shy about lifting up her foot and putting her toes in your mouth. OK, well that one has been refused maybe 5% of the time, but again the vast majority just go with it. And the ones who refuse seem to just do so on the basis of being hyper ticklish.

Some will offer their nude breasts for touching also, at no extra charge. Virtually all of them will offer it for extra money. Well, many will offer anything for extra money…including FS. But then you are definitely in a higher price range. The point is, FJ is usually the same price as HJ…it is just a different way to finish.

I like to enjoy the handjob for a while first. But then when I feel my balls getting all tight, and my dick is throbbing with pleasure, I like to finish with her feet. Usually I do it with the girl sitting next to me on my left side, 90 degrees to me. She can put her right foot on top of my cock and the left on underneath, and stroke it up and down. Sometimes I put my cock between the soles. That way it is solidly “grasped” and she can stroke it easily. Other times I go between the toes (same position, just running my cock on the underside of her toes instead of on the soles). That is a little trickier because your cock can slip out, but it is an amazing feeling to have those warm soft little toes sliding up and down your rock hard shaft.

The oil makes it all slippery and wonderful Mmmmm….so nice. Also Asian girls have by far the sexiest feet in the world. They are small and very feminine, and ultra-soft. I have no idea why Asian girls have such soft skin, but thank God for Asian girls! Pretty little feet and toes, all soft and smooth…beautiful bronze-golden skin all slippery and shimmering with massage oil….red nail polish…yum! It isn’t long before my cock is throbbing and squirting out huge streaks of hot white juice. I especially love that …feeling the cum shooting out of my cock, and watching it splash all over her skin. Is there anything in the world more beautiful than an Asian girl’s feet all covered and dripping with streaks of hot, fresh cum?

This may gross out some people, but I actually thoroughly lick and suck her feet and toes afterwards. Cum and massage oil on soft warm feet is probably an acquired taste, but hard to give up once you get addicted to it. I suck them, lick them, kiss them…I even lick all cum from between her toes. Delicious!

Ahhhh…but I digress. The point is, Asian massage parlours are great for footjobs. In Asia it is even better. I don’t speak any Asian language, but when you grab a girl’s bare feet and wrap them around your hard cock…well, it doesn’t require much explanation. If there is a girl in Asia dumb enough to not know what to do in that situation, I haven’t met her yet. And depending on what country, the price can be so low I can go every night. And unlike the US, they actually generally give the full massage regardless of whether you cum early in the session. Asian massage places in the US are about the money, but in Asia it is all about service.

Anyway, if you want a footjob, try an AMP. It is cheaper than a general all-purpose hooker, and generally works perfectly well if all you want is an FJ.
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Re: Best place for FJ is massage parlor

Postby Jay » Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:57 am

Sales of high quality massage oils like e.g. Ayurveda, Coconut, Lavender, Citrus, Lemon, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Eukalyptus, Arnica, Orange, Hot Stone
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