My cousin - finally!

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My cousin - finally!

Postby leloro » Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:50 pm

I always had a crush on my cousin, since I was 10 years old at least (she's 3 years older than me). And not just a crush on her feet, as she really is the whole package, 5 foot tall, pale skin, in good shape but not strong or anything, just the right amount and although I don't know her foot size, they're just proportional to her height. I'll describe her feet better later on.
Until last week all I had ever done other than admiring her beautiful feet was to briefly hold them with my hands underwater while playing in the pool. For years I longed for something more than that, but unfortunately I moved away from her to study in London, while she stayed behind far away in Argentina.
A few years went by and now that I'm 22 and she 25 she suddenly contacted me after 2 years saying she was coming to visit for a month long course! I was excited, despite not being very confident that I would get a chance to feel the soft skin around her feet, especially as she wouldn't be staying with me (I only had a double room in a shared flat).

After she was settled in London and had made some friends, we hung out a few times in Central London just drinking, chatting and etc. I live in Ealing Broadway and she was in Angel, so for those who know London, there were very few chances that she would just hang out around my house due to distances. Then last Thursday happened!
We were having drinks in Leicester Square as usual and being a school night I decided to leave, it was around 9pm. Got on the northern plus central line and as soon as we left the tunnel near White City I got a phone call: it was one of her friends basically explaining she was way to drunk to go home on her own, and nobody was going her way, ending up for me to go get her!
Back in the tube I went, and by the time I've got back to the pub she was asleep. Luckily she had money on her so we got on a black cab back to my place (I didn't know exactly where she lived and she was passed out!).
When it got home it just occurred to me that I had a golden opportunity, as we would need to share the same bed. She was awake enough, so I brought a bucket up and left on her bed side, and said we would sleep head to toe in case she was sick. I also cleverly asked her to remove her pantyhose as they were dirty from the pub, which she obliged to. Lights off and she dropped in bed belly down, soles up!
She had the duvet over her and there was just enough light in the room from the full moon outside. My heart was racing and my dick was extra hard just from the though that her bare feet were inches from my face, underneath the blanket. I waited only a few minutes and could already hear her heavy breathing from being deeply asleep. That's when I started to take action. I slid my hand under the blanket until I managed to touch her foot. I only touched the side of it to make sure she wouldn't wake up from it. No movement at all from her side so I uncovered her feet, and for a few minutes I was just admiring those pale white, narrow, well looked after soles. They had no scent which I prefer and I could see those tiny wrinkles of a very, very soft foot.
My heart and cock were going crazy now, but I was scared to lean over and wake her up (spring mattress!), so I just slowly pulled her feet towards where my face was, as if she had moved it there herself (in case she woke up I could pretend to be obliviously asleep). Her other foot had fallen on the other side of the bed, so I only had one to admire, but trust me, one foot like that was worth a hundred others I had seen before!
With her perfect smooth milky sole just literally 1 inch from my face, I was finally able to feel the softest touch ever, when I lowered my face on it. It's hard to describe how amazing it felt, as I was just nodding and rubbing my head up and down while keeping my face on that sole. Ah the memories, and best of all, she was fast asleep, which gave me confidence to put my tongue out and lick that foot away. It was perfection. Unfortunately it was hard to suck on her toes due to the position but I got to lick every inch of those soles. After about 20 minutes I couldn't take it anymore so had to go to the toilet to relieve myself.
That felt so good. When I came back I was dead and just crashed until my alarm rang.
She doesn't remember a thing which is great!

Hope you enjoyed my experience!
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