My foot fetish life experiences.

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My foot fetish life experiences.

Postby footlicks34 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:23 am

I decided to copy this story of my life in foot fetishism pretty much verbatim from my introductory post, since it relates a number of really nice, and all 100% true, foot fetish sex experiences. Hopefully many will enjoy and if anyone has any questions that are respectful, is interested in more detail on any of these experiences or wonderful ladies, I would be happy to oblige (respecting the privacy of these beautiful women who have given me so much love, naturally).

My interest in foot fetishism is long standing. As a kid, I was, ironically, repelled by feet. It wasn't until my first serious girlfriend that I began to explore the world of the foot fetish. One time, just prior to making love, I decided to remove the shoes she was wearing and place her toes into my mouth. I licked between the toes and along the arches of her soles, sucked her toes and kissed her feet as we made love. Afterwards, she indicated that she found it extremely sensual. Over time, she would offer this as a "treat" but could often be somewhat stingy with this activity. She did one morning give a really intense foot job to orgasm. She also was kind enough to suck my toes and lick my feet, perhaps misunderstanding that this wasn't my main thing. Sometimes she would, when very excited by foreplay and my sucking on her toes, eagerly do the same to mine. I wanted to marry this girl, making her my first and last, but she cheated on me. I found, after moving on from this relationship, that other women were more enamored with this foot fetish activity.

I was lucky enough to be a male fitness model so I didn't have much difficulty in finding women who were willing and eager even to fulfill some of these growing desires. My next girlfriend, while very sexy, was significantly overweight, and had size 8.5 feet. I was used to my first girlfriend, who was a muscular athlete with beautiful size 5.5 feet, strong legs and amazing arches. With this second girlfriend, I didn't have as much of a desire to play with her feet, and only provided oral attention to them once in 8 months. Looking back, perhaps I should have been more attentive in that way. Part of it was that she wasn't a really nice person, and my fetish is personally way stronger if I like and respect the woman as a whole.

My third steady girlfriend was a former ballet dancer with nice legs and size 6 feet. She was appreciative of the attention I would give her feet. She was also an excellent kisser, and I loved when her hands would explore my body. Anyway, one night in particular I remember returning to her apartment after a movie. We were engaged in foreplay and when I moved from performing oral sex to kissing her feet she let out a very satisfied moan and said "yes". I kind of realized then that when the woman enjoyed what I was doing it made it much more exciting for me.

My fourth girlfriend was a Mediterranean beauty. She was extremely adapt at performing oral sex. Her upper body was slim but her hips and legs were full and I found her very attractive. Her feet were a nice size 7.5. She would sometimes give me what she called the special treatment, which involved her rubbing her feet in my face prior to sex. She remarked at how much I was enjoying that by the blissful look on my face. When she told me that I could have the special treatment any time I wanted I was quite pleased. One funny thing was that her second toe was quite long. My preference is actually a slightly shorter second toe (shorter than the big toe). But we would get a laugh when I was lying on my back sucking her big left toe and what she called her "mutant" second toe would be sliding into my right nostril :)

My fifth girlfriend was another full bodied woman. Not fat, but very sensual in body type. She was quite shy about the whole foot thing, and wouldn't let me play with her feet very often. Her best quality sexually was a really steady, strong hand job that she would apply, and if I was lucky she would put her foot near my face, tapping her toe against my lips.

Girlfriend number six was a really petite young woman with sexy feet, size 5. For some reason, although we had a lot of great sex, I only really gave her a quick peck on the sole of her left foot one time. Other than that, she would sometimes dance for me in her bare feet, which I enjoyed. Also, she would tuck her feet under my legs while we were having sex in the cowgirl position. I should also mention one time where she was really passionate and wrapped both of her small hands around my erection, pumping up and down.

Number seven was a really cute woman with short dyed blond hair and a nice body. Her feet were about size 6 to 7, but she didn't like them, referring to them as "dinosaur feet". I did like them, however, and one of the best things she would do was to rub them in my face while simultaneously giving me a great hand and blow job. She liked to mount me in the cowgirl position and she would cum hard that way.

Number eight was a tall brunette athlete with a really nice body. Her feet were about size 7. She didn't do much in terms of rubbing them on my face and/or body, however. She did enjoy cunnilingus very much, however, which I was more than happy to oblige profusely. She was exceptionally talented at oral sex herself, and was one of the only women who could give me an orgasm quickly that way.

My ninth girlfriend was probably the most attractive I had ever had. Long dirty blond hair, nicely tanned, beautiful tall body, and an angelic face. She loved to hold my hard cock and slowly kiss up and down my body. She didn't really like oral sex very much, but once "snuck" a quick kiss/lick/suck that was amazing. She would sometimes say, "Do you want my feet?" Of course I did, and she would rub them in my face and on my naked body, lying back on her elbows in the nude. I would masturbate until I had an orgasm. Once I asked her if she minded doing this, and she responded that she didn't and that she found it "cute".

My tenth girlfriend was short and cute. Her feet were nice, about size 6, and she was very generous with them. She wasn't always the nicest person, however, and as I relayed earlier in this story, that makes me less inclined to love the feet. She would put them in my face when I was watching TV, which normally I would love, but with her I sort of didn't like it unless I was actually sexually aroused. I'm not sure why, but even when she would be giving me a blow job with her right foot stuck totally in my mouth, I wasn't always able to cum, and/or it took some time.

Girlfriend eleven was a tall brunette with an amazing body and nice face. Although she was very sexually liberated, she didn't really do the foot thing too much. She was quite a selfish person overall and the relationship was fairly short lived.

Girlfriend twelve became my wife for twelve years. The sex life wasn't always the best, but we were very much in love. One particular thing she often did which was amazing was to put on a "show" while I masturbated lying on my back. This show consisted of placing her feet on the wall behind the bed, and running one foot along the length of her calf. Then she would put her left foot flat on the bed, cross her right leg over her left knee, and place her right foot across my face. I usually said, "Thanks" when she did that. She would then give a hand and blow job, making lots of eye contact and sometimes teasing with "fake" or aborted licks towards my penis before actually licking the shaft and devouring it. I would usually cum into a towel at some point.

After the twelve year marriage, I was single for a couple of years. Then I met a black girl. I really loved her size 8 feet, and was happy to lick the soles, delighting in the fact that they were a lighter colour than the rest of her foot. A couple times I came inside her while on top, both of her feet in my face while fucking.

I have had some other experiences that have been really nice, but those are the only ones that were of the steady girlfriend variety. Part of my fetish comes from my desire to please and worship. I am very respectful and tender with women. Part of it comes from a natural appreciation for all parts of a women's body, especially the legs, which end so nicely in a pair of cute feet. I am always looking for a woman who enjoys foot fetish sex and good fun. Please feel free to comment on my story (respectfully of course). And any women who would like to discuss the possibility of hot foot fetish sex with me are welcome to message me privately or look for me on the personal board here.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to having fun here!

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