The smell of this girls socks

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The smell of this girls socks

Postby sexyswinger » Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:54 am

One day Stacey and she has this roommate named Jamie. I was staying with Stacey all night because she didn't like being there by herself when Jamie wasn't there. She told me I could stay in Jamies room. That night when I got under the covers in Jamies bed, I smelt something that had a stink to it. When I lifted my head from the pillow, I saw this dirty white sock lying there. I had known Jamie for a long time but didn't know that feet stink. The smell of the sock was starting to turn me on and my dick was starting to become hard, I just had to shoot a load out. The smell of that sock was too much for me to handle. As I was stroking my stroking myself, when I started to feel my load was about to come out, I held the sock up to my dick and squirting my cum all over it. The next day was even better because I decided to stay there again and Jamie said I could take the bed but I offered to take the sofa. We ended up sharing the bed but slept in opposite directions, which means her feet would be near my face. She was wearing this black knee high socks and she had took them off right before she went to sleep. I was wearing a pair of black socks which I decided to take off. A couple hours after we went to sleep, one of her feet went into my face and i could smell a nice stinky odor coming from her feet that smelled just like the one from her sock. This started to make my dick hard and I couldn't hold back. I started to rub my dick up and down in my pants and I took one last sniff as my jizz shot . I sniffed her feet as much as I could. I tried to keep mine away from her face because mine always did stink. The next morning when we got up, she said she was going to take a shower and that I said take one when she was done as she started to laugh. When I asked her why she laughing, she told told me that my feet stink. I decided to tell her that her feet stink too but after I did, she laughed said she figured they did because every time she was her tennis shoes, her feet stink and thats why she usually sleeps barefooted, because if not, her feet will stink from the smell of her socks. Later that day she did admit to sniffing my feet a couple times that night.
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Re: The smell of this girls socks

Postby jalia » Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:23 am

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