my sexy sister and aunt

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my sexy sister and aunt

Postby foot_lover » Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:31 pm

as i told u in "MY FIRST GODDESS" me and my sister were alone at home .......i ask my sister "hey dii , can i lick ur feet". first she said no but when she looked at my sad face , she agreed . as i told her that i've licked my aunt'z feet that'a y she let me lick her feet . we got upstairs , and i forgot to lock the main door of that house . the door was just closed now we went up stairs to her room. she laid on the bed and i started licking her feet . suddenly our aunt arrived , she just came upstairs whith out even doing any noise and she caught us having feet fun . we were in big trouble . she told us that she's ganna tell our parent. we were totaly freaked. that my sis thaought of a plane . she just go to her and told her that she knew each-n-every thing about her and me. if she(my aunt )tell any to our parent about foot fetish b/w us , she(my sis) will also tell every thing.aunt requested both of us not to tell any thing to our parents as she will also not.. we agreed and we(me-n-sis) came back down to watch tv as our aunt got into the washroom. after sme time we heared a noise of moaning from my sis'z room . we both silently went upstairs to my sis'z room , the seen was totaly shoked.. we saw her fingering her self. as i knoked the room she just came out and starts kissing me .we (me-n-sis) were totaly shocked . she turned me on . and then i got her into my sis'z room and begain to smoooch her . WHAT THE HELL BOTH OF U R DOING, my sister sreamed at us . i told her that aunt turned on at her . sis was totaly shocked at me that how could i even think about our aunt. after some time sis joins us . she told me that she'z also turned on, i started to fuck my aunt sis enjoys sucking aunt'z breast and i was have my sis'z feet in my mouth ..that was just too awesome that suddenly my sis starts kissing me n i was totaly ashamed that my sister get horny at me . i asked oth of then to put there feet in my mouth they do as i say. after 2 hrs we felt deep asleep for 3 hrs .all of us get back to cloths after taking shower togeather . sitting on the ground we discussed about the incedent that no one will tell anything to our parents. my sister even offer me for i hr sleep with her if i want , i told her her that i will sleep with her whole night doing foot fetish with her and jerking off b Continue-ted if something happen b/w my and sis
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Foot Lover
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Re: my sexy sister and aunt

Postby jalia » Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:19 am

good story you make me hard.

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Re: my sexy sister and aunt

Postby TONLOVE69 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:38 am

This is great! Thanks for the info.

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