A Fictional Pedal Pumping Stuck Story

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A Fictional Pedal Pumping Stuck Story

Postby getherstuck » Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:47 am

This is a fictional stuck story about a curvy heavy set busty blonde who weighs about 200lbs ,stands about 5ft 6in and her name is Cherri. Cherri is a sex slave with a master and she does anything he tells her to do without any question.

Cherri's master had Cherri get dressed in tight jeans ,a white sleavless top and a pair of black 4 inch strappy high heel sandals witch Cherri's master had locked on her feet with leather straps that went under her high heels and attached to leather ankle cuffs with litlle padalocks that were very vissable.

They both had drove to the county fair in Cherri's red 1992 Ford Thunder Bird on a day it had rained most of the day. Much like any county fair the parking and most of the fair took place on grass. So this would make walking on soft ground very interesting for Cherri wearing 4 inch high heels locked to her feet by her master. Cherri and her master had walked anound the fair for hours and many people had noticed that Cherri was locked in her high heels but Cherri's master didn't care. Just about as they were about to leave it started to rain cats and dogs, so Cherri and her master took cover until the rain let up. After a hour in a half the rain had stopped and the grass was very soggy. Cherri's master said to her you better not get the car stuck in the mud and if you do you will do as many hours tied up in bondage as it takes you to get unstuck.
Cherri said I will do my best not to get stuck in the mud master. Well with all of the rain and the soggy grass it was inpossible for Cherri not to get stuck in the mud, as soon as Cherri and her master got in the car and Cherri went to move her car forward she couldn't move a inch so Cherri tries to go backwards and still no traction Cherri said master we seem to be stuck in the mud and her master said well you best try and get unstuck quickly and Cherri said yes master. So she trys in drive and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzthen reversezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
then drive zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzand of course the more Cherri spun her wheels in the soft slick mud the more her wheels would sink in the mud. Finally Cherri had broke down in tears and said master I have tried everything and I can't get unstuck , what can I do. Cherri' master said well you can go and see if one of those guys on the tractors can come and pull the car out. So Cherri started to walk in her locked on high heels though the soft mud and after a half an hour she found a young guy on a tractor and she asked if he could tow her car to the main road, the young guy looked and saw Cherri was wearing sexy high heel that were locked on her feet and said it must have been hard for you to walk all the way here in those high heels. Cherri smiled and said yes but my master demands that I wear them at all times. The young guy said well about now its quiting time for us but since I love seeing sexy gals like yourself wearing high heels maybe you can do me a favor. How about you come over to my trailer and let fuck your feet, Cherri said but they are soo muddy and the young guy said no problem I will wipe the mud off of them. Cherri said ok just don't say a word of this to my master, so the young guy took Cherri to his trailer and he cleaned Cherri's feet anf heels and commented how sexy she looked locked in her high heels,Cherri had blused and said thank you. So the young guy dropped his pants and Cherri's eyes opened wide and couldn't believe how huge his cock was , Cherri asked do you mind if I suck on that for a while and the young guy said not at all you go ahead and suck all you want , and Cherri just sucked and storked his cock for hours and the young guy fucked her feet until he shot his load all over her feet. Well since it was 11pm when Cherri had went to find help and it 2am Cherri said well we better get back to my stuck car so the young guy had Cherri ride on the step of the tractor as he drove it to her stuck car.

Cherri stepped off the tractor and got in her car where Cherri's master had fallen asleep and he had woken up when Cherri got in the car. Cherri's master said what took so long and Cherri they were so busy and Cherri's master said are you sure you didn't fuck that tractor driver and Cherri said why would you say that . Cherri's master said you should know better than to question me and what is all that white jizz on your feet, Cherri didn't know what to say but master I had to in order to get him to tow this car out. So the young guy had towed Cherri's car out of the mud and then Cherri Thanked the young guy and the young guy said no Thank You . As Cherri drove home her master said what was that all about when he said no thank you.
Cherri said crying ok master I sucked his cock as well he was soo well hung I couldn't help myself ,so you can punish me as you please.

When they got home Cherri's master toss her the keys to the padalocks to unlock her feet from those shoes since her master didn't want to touch another mans cum. He then ordered Cherri to take a shower and after she did Cherri had recieved her punishment . The End
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