Dirty Dangler - A College Classroom Feet Experience (Part 2)

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Dirty Dangler - A College Classroom Feet Experience (Part 2)

Postby PrettyFeetLover » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:03 pm

(continued from Part 1)

As the bell rang, the professor came in and mumbled some boring shit that I barely heard, let alone thought about. The lights then lowered in the lecture hall slides started popping up one after another. Then a side door just a little in front of me in the back of the auditorium opened and made a noise that was kind of loud and disturbing... but the stoner professor made no notice of it... Our next slide is of the blah blah blah... He went on.

I looked over at the door and HOLY SHIT! It was her!... the girl from my last class!!! She peered around a little bit and then looked right up at me. She smiled and started her way up the stairs. She got to me and sat down right next to me.

"I noticed you looking at me in the last class." She said. "I couldn't help but wonder what you were thinking...." I... I.... II was floored... I didn't know whether to pass our or run.

"Shh..." she said as she pressed her finger up against my lips. "Don't say anything... don't worry about anything..."

She slipped her backpack off her shoulder and threw it into the second seat on the other side of her. She then got up and went to the row behind me. All the other dorks were furiously taking notes near the front of the class and didn't even notice she had come in. There were like twenty rows between us and any of those guys, so they didn't even noticed that a girl walked in the room... heh heh. Typical.

I heard her sit down and I turned around... she grabbed my head and forced me to look straight ahead. "Don't turn around... just sit there looking straight head." She took her hands from my head as she knew I wasn't going to put up a fight and turn around anyways. I then heard her getting more comfortable in her seat as she leaned back. Then I noticed it... out of the corner of my eye, I saw she had placed up foot up just an inch from the side of my head. I could smell the leather of the slip-on shoe and my dick almost snapped in two as I about came into my pants. I almost let out a tiny scream in pain... but I didn't.

"Will you take my shoe off?," she asked in the sweetest voice you had ever heard. I said nothing as I slowly brought my hand up and grabbed the back of the heel. I slowly... even slower than she had wiggled it off in the class before, moved the heel of her shoe of the back of her foot. I could hear the leather of the shoe rustle around as it slid against the softness, yet sweatiness of her lovely foot. I could also smell a hint of roses from what must have been her lotion that she used to keep her feet soft through the day. I continued to remove the shoe and started looking at her foot. She didn't say a word... neither did I. I continued moving the shoe down and forward off her foot. Slowly peering at it. As the scent of leather and lotion grew stronger, I could start getting glimpses of toe cleavage. As I got closer and closer to the end of her toes, I heard her let out a quick breath of relief probably as the cool air began to caress her foot and waft that wonderful smell my way. I then could see that wonderful red polish as I got the shoe almost off her foot.

"Do you smell my foot?" She asked. Yes... I whispered. "Here, smell it some more." She then moved her foot and touched the top of it to my cheek. She began wiggling her dainty toes and I could smell the scent of her lotion begin to overpower that of the leather... although the leather smell was still there. She pulled her foot back and the tops of her toes reached my lips. I could smell her lotion mixed with sweat as she wiggled her toes even more... she pulled her foot back and I parted my lips a little...

"I want to feel your tongue on my toes." She said. I parted my lips even more and brought my tongue out past my lips. As I touched it to her sweaty but perfect toes, I felt some pre-cum come out my dick. Oh she tasted sweet... and salty at the same time.... if that is possible. She started moving her foot back and forth across my tongue as I started kissing her the tops of her toes as well.

I then heard a small snap and a zipper being slowly brought down. I knew she was opening her khakis a little bit. I heard what I thought was her hand going into the top of her pants and I even thought I heard a small snap of elastic from her panties... but I could be mistaken. What I wasn't mistaken of was that she was beginning to breathe more heavily now and move her toes over my tongue a little faster.

"I want to feel your hot spit over my toes" she demanded. I drew some saliva into my mouth and rewet my tongue as I bathed her glorious red digits in my saliva. She moaned a little bit as I now knew she was beginning to touch her pussy.

She then did took her foot off my shoulder. I was shocked and somewhat worried then. She quickly rectified those feelings.

"Come up here," she said. "Sit down next to me." I quickly, but quietly got up from my seat and went back to the row she was at. "She pointed to a seat not next to her, but two down, so we had a chair between us. She motioned from me to unbutton my jeans.... I did so and then she motioned me to pull them down. At first, I was very leery. I shook my head no... I didn't want to get caught like this... this could get us both expelled from the university. I thought about it for a little bit and was then like.... fuck it.

I dropped my jeans down just above my knees. I then heard a slight click of her other shoe dropping off her foot. I looked over and could see that her panties were unzipped and slightly down. I sat down and she quickly put one foot on the top of my leg. Her big toe was right near my now vertical cock. She slowly started inching her foot towards my erection and when she got there, it seemed to grow a couple more inches. She started moving her toes around the top of it... I knew she could feel the pre-cum under her toes as she did so. She circled her big toe on the tip of my dick a few times and then moved her way to the top of my boxers. She then motioned me to pull down my underwear to which I looked around the class... no one was looking back and slides were still progressing. I slowly moved my fingers over the elastic on my boxers and pulled them down to where my jeans were. She then put both her feet up on the top of my leg. She grabbed the finger of my right hand and had my caress in between each of her toes, starting in between the pinky toe and next bigger one on her left foot through in between all her toes. They felt sweaty but slightly cold. The temperature of those lecture halls was kept pretty cold and I could feel her feet cold as well. She then had me stick that finger in my mouth. I loved tasting her toe sweat. I smelled and now tasted that leather smell mixed with the lotion. She then took my finger out of my mouth and put it in her mouth. She started sucking on it and then placed both her feet around my now fully erect, almost exploding dick. More pre-cum began to come out and she started stroking my dick up and down... she was giving me a footjob, right here in the middle of class... holy shit! She then took my finger out of her mouth and moved my hand forcing the top of her panties open and plunged my hand deeper... she was quit warm down there which was quite an offset to her cold yet sweaty feet. She began moving her feet faster and faster up and down. Shit I was ready to cum any second. She moved my hand down into her warm panties even more as she slide back in her chair a little... I did the same. I could see the precum lubricating my dick and glistening over her red, painted toenails and even in between some of her sweaty perfumy toes as she seemed to glide her feet even faster up and down my cock.

She started moaning a little more now as my fingers reached the top of her pubic area. She had a small tuft of pubic hair right at the top but then was very smooth and now wet a little farther down. She moved my hand even deeper into her crotch and moaned even more while somehow still managing to maintain a steady rhythm with her feet on my dick. Holy shit this was fantastic. At girl who didn't mind my foot fetish, in fact even enjoyed it as she performed a footjob on my right in the middle of a college lecture class. This was beyond unbelievable.

I could feel her getting wetter when she says... "now concentrate on my feet caressing your dick. Forget that your hand is touching my pussy. I will hold it here in place as I stroke your dick." And she began doing just that. Although I by no means forgot my hand was in her pants. I felt it was securely there as she held it tight against her pussy and I began to focus on the rhythm of her wonderful feet moving up and down my member.

I was starting to approach climax and she noticed. "I want you to warm my cold feet with your hot cum. I want to feel it drip between my toes and down the tops and bottoms of my feet and drip off my ankles." Just as she said that, I let loose. My ass came of my chair just a little bit as I sort of jerked as my cum came out. I watched with intent as it spouted up a little and then flowed over her pretty red toes, down between them, down the tops of her feet and dripped off her heels on to my legs. I could here not only the "squelching" of my cum between her feet and my dick, but also drops of it as it hit the cold floor below. She then quickly sat back in her seat even further and pulled her right foot up to her face. She stuck out her tongue and rolled it over the tops of her toes. She had to have licked them quite clean, but then pulled some tissues out of her bag.

"These are not for you... they are for me" She wiped off her feet and toes and then quickly put them back into her slip-ons. "This is for you," she said," and got down on her knees. She grabbed my dick and began sucking and lapping up all the cum... she circled her tongue all over my dick and around the base and put her mouth over the top as she sucked as well. While my dick got attention again, I knew and... thankfully she knew that her footjob had exploded ever last ounce of cum out of me, and my chances of a second ejaculation was a little ways away. She gave me a few of her tissues and helped to clean me up. I began my pull my pants up. She zipped up and buttoned her pants. As we both gathered our things... class was about to end. Holy shit that was good timing... somehow.

"See you in class on Thursday. I will wear something.... that will give you a show then too. Oh uh... and I don't have class after that at all... so maybe we can "study" together in here again." She smiled.
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Postby lildude » Tue Mar 28, 2006 9:05 pm

awsome story! Your so damn Lucky Man
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Re: Dirty Dangler - A College Classroom Feet Experience (Par

Postby feetlover787 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:04 pm

Thats amazing, I would give anything to a least get to touch and smell the feet of some girls in my classes, :)
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