My Goddess Cousin

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My Goddess Cousin

Postby postanley » Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:08 am

This happened almost five years ago and I posted it in other forums. A lot have happened since then. Please let me know if you like this and want me to write about my later experiences.

I was exhausted when I returned home in the evening from my classes. It was a hard week with class tests and assignments, going out again in the evening was the last thing on my mind. But when my mom said we were going to our grandfather's home for dinner I could not but accompany my parents. I always look forward to these gatherings at my grandfather's place for one main reason, my gorgeous cousin R. She is 20 years old (couple of months older than I). She is 5'11", has long legs and an amazing figure. These attributes means that she is flooded with offers for modeling and even some offers for movies. But she only does some part-time modeling and does not want to get too involved until she finishes her studies. But the part of her body I liked most was her beautiful feet. The splendor of her arch may be partly due to the fact that she wears high heels most of the time. I guess most of the money she earns from modeling is spent on her shoe collection. Every time I see her I can't help staring at her feet and dreaming about kissing, worshiping her feet, getting trampled under them. But she never seemed to pay much attention and I thought it was one of those dreams that would never come true.

As we reached grandfather's place R with her parents had already arrived. I went to the living room and there she was chatting with our grandfather. She was wearing a black shirt, Jeans and surprisingly instead of the usual strappy high heel sandal (she probably has hundreds of them), she was wearing matte dark chocolate colored leather boots with high heels. As she was wearing them under her pants I could not see their length but I could see enough to guess they were knee high. Well I never had much of boot fetish but I have hardly ever been so turned on. As we watched TV and talked I stole glances at her boots as often as I could. She looked so sexy sitting on a couch with her legs crossed and flipping channels.

When dinner was served there was not enough room on the dining table so R and I took our meals and went again to the living room. I sat down on a floor cushion side on to the TV so that I could be as near to her feet as possible when she sits down in her favorite position, front on to the TV. Those boots seemed to bring out the dominant side in her cause as we were eating she crossed her legs in such a way that her left heel was almost touching my knee and the sole was only inches away from my plate. I could see the soles of her boot whenever she wiggled her boot and wished I could lick them.

After I finished I kept the plate in the kitchen and went back to living room with a drink. When she returned she sat on the same couch but this time put her feet up on the coffee table just in front of me. As I finished my drink I nervously placed the glass right next to her boot. When she was finished with her drink she made an eye gesture towards her feet with the glass in her hand extended towards me. I obediently took the glass from her and as I was placing it on the coffee table she crossed her legs. Minutes later she expressed her concern that the glasses may fall off the table. So I knelt down before her moved the glasses to the center table from the coffee table. As I was doing this the smell of new leather almost made me lick her boots. I looked through the 'V' created by her boots up along those long legs towards her but she seemed oblivious to her cousin at her feet almost licking her boots.

I was afraid someone might see me so I reluctantly got up. Just as I was wondering whether I had blown my chance she asked if my internet was alright. She told me that hers was gone for couple of days and that she wanted to check her e-mails. She took the keys of their car from her dad and got into driving sit with me in the passenger sit. As she pressed the accelerator I felt so jealous of the pedals.

We reached our house. It was just the two of us. My heart was beating fast. But as she sat down before the PC and started browsing I was disappointed. At least a little while earlier I could see her boots now I had trouble doing even that. Just then she dropped her earring (some part of it actually) and told me to look for it. I crawled under the table. She raised her feet onto the footrest. After some time of searching and more looking at the soles of her boot than searching I told her I didn't see it anywhere. She pointed towards the opposite corner with her right boot and commanded me to look there. I was now on my stomach with almost my entire body underneath the table. I found it and told her that I got it. She leaned forward, took it and as she was getting back to her position she moved her left boot from the footrest, placed it on my neck and forced my nose and mouth right onto her right boot. I was overwhelmed with the smell of new leather. I kissed her boot but I could not dare spoil her new boots by licking them. After a while she moved the chair back and gave me the chance to get out of that position. I crawled out and lay down on my side in front of her.

She wasted no time in raising her left boot on my chest and pushed me on my back and put her right boot on my mouth. I looked up along her long legs towards her again but this time she was staring right at me and there was a look in her eyes that was ordering me to lick the soles of her boot. To make herself clearer she put her left heel on my throat and started pressing. I opened my mouth and touched her sole with my tongue. Just as I did pressure on my throat eased and she started moving her boot slowly so that all parts of the sole were evenly licked. After I made the sole spotless she wiped it against my face to remove the saliva and put it on my chest. She crossed her legs to let me lick the left boot. She called her parents from her cellphone and told them she was getting me to do something she wanted to get done and told them to take a lift from my parents to our home.

I licked the soles alternately while at the same time pressing her legs. She just would not let me take my hands off her legs. But all good things must come to an end. We heard the sound of our car outside and she got up with her right boot still on my chest. She is a tall girl anyway but standing over me with one foot on my chest she looked like touching the roof. Before she left she moved her boot and slid the stiletto heel right into my mouth. They must have been 4 inches or higher and caused almost unbearable pain.

As the goddess went away with her boots making clicking sound I thought my luck had changed but it was quite a while before something happened.
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