Best Friends Feet

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Best Friends Feet

Postby lazefootman1 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:09 pm

ever since 5 years ago i loved my best friend, shes soo sexy and has that dirty girl look, ive also always had a foot fetish, i used to obsess over her feet, and while at her house i would stare with a hardon at her soft italian soles and tiny shapely toes, she had size 4 feet, they were small but stunning, the best feet i have ever laid eyes on, while she slept i would record and take pictures of them, and id smuggle her socks out with me when i left, one day she woke up and went for a shower, leaving me in her room alone, wed just been for a jog in blistering heat and her discarded socks and shoes were on the floor doused in sweat, i took and told her i had to leave to do my paper round, on the way home i licked and sucked every last drop of sweat from her socks, i thought this would be the closest i ever got to having my way with her feet, i was wrong, she was a real tease and used to run her log white socked feet up and down my legs in school and rub my crotch with her beautiful hands, she had stunning nails, one day first lesson she came in late a sat next to me in class, i shuddered as i saw her long natural nails with green varnish and pictures of zelda on them, i told her how awesome and creative they were, she told me that her toes were better, and that shed show me that night, i always went to hers on Fridays, i was so excited all the way to her house, and as soon as we got in the door a begged her to let me see the toenails, she peeled of her sweaty black leather pumps and knee high white socks and waved her goddess foot in front of me,i stiffened immediately, she laughed at my dropped jaw, and said smell it bitch, i instantly complied, soon after i had her on the bed massaging her soles whilst hiding my dick throbbing with excitement, at that moment i bit the bullet and just stuck her foot in my mouth, she laughed and told me she loved it, my brain fucking cheered,i licked her toes and sucked them hard, i did the same on her soles, lapping up the sweat and tonging in between her toes, she saw my boner and smiled, she unbuttoned my school pants and pulled out my dick, now in pain it was throbbing so hard, she put her soles round my dick and jerked me hard in 5 different positions, then i did it, i pulled her panties down and carresed her cunt, my life now complete, i slid into her and we fucked hard whilst i licked and sucked her feet, i felt the best orgasm of my life approaching, i pulled out just as she came hard and screamed my name louder than anything ive ever heard, i grabbed her soles and sprayed a ton of hot white goo on her wrinkled feet, she lapped it up and swallowed, i thought to myself, "OMFG YESSS, I DID IT", shes been my girlfriend ever since and we have incredible sex, using all sorts of dirty things like toothpaste and whips and chains, however my true love will always be for her soft supple stunning Italian soles
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