Mellie, Angel, Autumn (clip and caps)!!!

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Mellie, Angel, Autumn (clip and caps)!!!

Postby jediofthefeet » Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:47 pm

Today will be all about Autumn!!!

You can see her pictures on the clip store right under Angel's photos in her white boots.

We will load her clips all through the day. Once you see one of them, you will be hooked to see the rest of them.

Hey, its not our fault that these girls are so addictive!!!

And I'm sure you see that heavenly Goddess laying on her stomach with black loafers next to her. That's Mia. Her clips are coming soon.
Trust us, you will end up getting every single clip she has!

Screencaps of Mellie, Angel, and Autumn ... irls%2001/

We feature POV teasing, footsniffing, shoe, sneaker, stocking, and foot licking, and tickling.

Also, be sure to check out main site to see all of the worn, abused, and smelly shoes these recent girls (Angel, Autumn, Mia, Mellie) want to sell to their fans. You will be amazed at how trashed some of them are. Yet, you will still want to have them for yourself!

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Advanced Foot Lover
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