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Postby 102-1047757125 » Sat Feb 28, 2004 10:09 am

Check out Local-Personals.com! It lists people in your hometown who want to date!

There is a keyword search option, and a ton of results come up for "foot fetish".

Postby Wayne64 » Sun Oct 03, 2004 9:39 am

I don't need the Local Foot Fetish Personals to find me a beautiful woman with long, luscious legs & sexy, sensuous feet that I could love & admire forever. I think this legs/feet fetish site is good enough to get that message across to any hot & desirable beautiful lady that's looking for a man like me.
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I agree with Wayne

Postby needfootsex » Sun Jul 10, 2005 9:12 am

I have tried alt.com, gothic.com, true.com, sex connect, etc., etc. and I do believe I am a member (or was) of passion.com. All of these are useless. I entered at the low end, of course (free side when available). But, they never really did anything. I made this detailed profile with each for zilch. It was like I was in a box off to the side. I'd get responses all right....but so generalized as to be useless. In fact, sometimes, well, most times, the data on the person was "I'll tell you later" and if you wanted to know you had to pay and upgrade. Upgrade, no doubt, for zip. So, I don't know what the answer is but such dating sites are useless in my opinion.....unless, of course, you want to spend, spend, and spend some more. Then, maybe...... needfootsex 7/10/05
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Single gorgeous BLONDE w/SEXY small feet!

Postby Blondecaligirl » Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:45 am


Hello Footslaves and footboys,

I have PERFECT small feet with cute little toes. I am a spoiled bratty princess that loves gifts and for my feet to be pampered.

Do you enjoy spoiling pretty girls?
Buy me something from my WISHLIST!!


Send me a private message for more pics.


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Re: Local Foot Fetish Personals! - Girls who want you to wor

Postby sxyfootmanCT » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:04 am

I've had great luck with fetlife, as it is more like a facebook for kinky like-minded folks. It was through there that I learned of the joy of tickling and how well it goes with my foot fetish. Other than that, I've had a lot more luck introducing vanilla girls to foot fetish. Most girls with foot fetishes usually say they had an ex with a foot fetish that eased them into it, and they cant get enough of it!
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Re: Local Foot Fetish Personals! - Girls who want you to wor

Postby gramps » Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:01 pm

I don't know about other guys but my stocking fetish is born in my childhood, i'm sure. When I was a mere child, my mother and her friends would hold my hands and let me straddle their stockinged leg (playing a riding horse game). They would lift their leg and I would slide up and down. Then when I would be playing on the floor they would slip their shoes off and rub their stockinged foot all over me, sometimes on my face too. (that must be why I get sooo hard from the scent of well worn stockings).NOTE, pantyhose had not come on the market yet. So as I grew older, say 5-8, I would sneak in my mothers or sisters or friends mom's stocking drawer to see what the scent was, as I wasn't getting any of these smells anymore and would get this good feeling over my whole body, especially between my legs, with every wiff. So I discovered as I started to experience my first ejaculations, that they were much more pleasurable and longer while smelling these stockings.
So to this day, just the thought of a wiff of a stockinged foot, sends a chill down my spine and a rise in my levis'.
I have found that this scent can also come from pantyhose, when worn in leather shoes and are unusually arousing when they are of the reinforced toe variety. The thicker area seems to multiply the scent and thus the arousal.
I am a straight guy, 67 year old and anymore, only seem to have my fading memories to enjoy.
Hope this stirs the juices of some, as I have found that I am not alone in my joy of the scent of a stocking clad foot.
First off, let me thank you for all the pics you post and tell you that I get lots of pleasure fantasizing about how good it would be to have my nose (or those smelly stockings) under those stocking covered toes, warm and fresh out of heels.

My wife used to wear for me a few times a week, knowing what a rise she would get out of me when she either dangled the well worn smellies under my nose as she rode me or would let me smell them on her feet while she stroked me or gave me a BJ. But about ten years ago, she was diagnosed with MS and hasn’t worn for the last 7-8 years or so.

So I’m left with the memories of those smelly stockings (my life long aphrodisiac) and pics and vids here on the net. This is fine, but it is getting harder and harder to remember that smell,… the one that makes my nose twitch and that warm feeling to grow between my legs.

I am retired now and am on a very limited budget, (with all of her medical expenses), So I cant afford the prices that some are asking for their well worn stockings. I fantasize about one day finding a lady who knows what joy this gives us longtime stocking fetish guys, and offers to send me just one pair of her smelly stockings. So I give great cyber to some who enjoy that from me, hopeing that they will send something. I’ve been told I have very talented fingers, lips and tongue, and have brought quite a few ladies to an explosive orgasm with just my chat. I imagine doing this while looking at their pics, but that is not what I am writing about.

I see that you are a lady who must know of the power you have over some of us and may even get your own joy knowing that guys like me melt just thinking of you.
If you give old clothes to the goodwill or church groups, please consider giving your old well worn, laddered stockings to me, strictly for my pleasure. I’d send back pics or even chat, telling you of what your scent is doing to me, and what I would do if I were there with you, under your power. (maybe vid cam later, if I get one).

I know this may be strange, and if you don’t want to send me anything, I’d understand.
Could you forward on to some of the other lovely ladies in your group, as some might do me this favor.

I hope this didn’t disturb you and again thanks for what I have enjoyed of you this far.

Thanks for being such a lovely lady.

Gramps1201 @yahoo.com

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Re: technical support system

Postby ethan147 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:08 pm

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