Male Dom foot/tickle fetishist looking for sub F for Cyber

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Male Dom foot/tickle fetishist looking for sub F for Cyber

Postby zackseamus » Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:20 am

Hello all.
I am looking for serious female partners (can be males that RP as females) to roleplay with, wich enjoy having their feet worshipped, teased and tickled to the extreme, being kidnapped, enslaved, and transformed into a sex toy. The plots i like are usually non-consensual, but i can do some consensual too, i guess it wont hurt. Dont be locked and tied to these plots, since we can usually change the plots and create new ones every time. I love creativity! And also, my preference is for IM roleplays, (be it AIM, Yahoo, MSN or Gtalk). But here are some ideas:

I will divide them into Consensual (Con) and Non Consensual (Non-Con)

- The Poor Kunoichi (ninja) = A female ninja have the mission to invade a lord's fortress to assassinate him, ordered by his rival, but instead, she gets caught, and transformed into his sex toy. (Non-Con)

- The unlucky Amazon = A group of amazons live a peaceful life in the Silver Forest, defending their territory from enemies and protecting the forest, when they get attacked by a group of mountain bandits. Their leader and all of them are turned into sex slaves. (Non-Con)

- The Jedi/Sith in trouble = After receiving a mission, the Jedi/Sith lady goes to another planet as her master ordered her, but she gets caught by a Jedi/Sith of the opposite sex (and opposite faction. If she is a Sith, by a jedi, and vice-versa), and is forced to become his slave. (Non-Con)

- The Distressed College Girl = A beautiful college girl is on her way back to her appartment, when she is kidnapped by a foot fetishist for his own pleasure. (Non-Con)

- This Wasnt on the Contract! = One of the most famous Foot Models of the internet falls in the hand of one of her fans, just to become his sex/foot slave. He then begin to shoot videos and pictures of their tickling/sex sections live, placing them on the internet for a lot of money, but of course, the pleasure is his main goal. (Non-Con)

- The Underground Mafia = A beautiful female cop is investigating the traces of women that disappeared, when she gets kidnapped and ends up in an underground dungeon, finding out she is also a victim of the Underground Mafia, wich is made of Tickle/Foot fetishists, where all of their dungeons are connected, and they keep trading and selling their slaves. (Non-Con)

- The friend sister = The younger sister of a good friend has the perfect body, attracting any male. The whole family have to go out for vacation, but she can't, since she have to study, so they let their best friend to look over the house and her. Unfortunatelly, that means huge problem for her. (Con)

- Feudal Conflicts -

A medieval village settled in the rounds of a powerful kingdom. The beautiful female ninja Asagi was scouting
between the woods, just to be kidnapped and thrown into the dungeon of the kingdom. She barelly knew
she was about to be in the hands of a huge foot fetishists (Non Con)

- Enslaving -

Another Medieval fantasy, the beautiful knight Faiye was the leader of the Blue Knights, until they confronted the Barbarians of the Silver Mountain. She fainted in combat, and woke up just to find herself in the leader's Tent, Aggron. She would go through a lot of trouble there. (Non Con)

- Clip Making -

A beautiful College girl named Anna was a Foot Model. She was one of the best paid, and also most known foot model around, until she got kidnapped by a group of video producers, with the intention of making ''non consensual fetish'' videos with her, all the time being filmed and broadcasted. (Non Con)

- The Policewoman in danger -

Aya was a beautiful FBI agent, aways ahead of everyone, until she got stuck in a trap she could never get out. The case was about a female kidnapper. She had him. Just in her hands, but when she went to the spot, it was just a trap. (Non Con)

- Villain x Hero -

I could play any of these two. Could be a male heroe that kidnaps a female villain, or a male villain that kidnaps a female hero. (Con)

- Romance -

Nina just got involved with the Italian Mafia. She saw a crime, they were kidnapping a girl. And they saw her, just before she ran. Then her nightmare began. They sent a letter saying she will be caught within the next few days. The good thing is that she was not alone. In her runs between the city, she finds Alex, another young boy that has also witnessed the crime, and along they must find away of getting out of it. She would still be a sub in the

- The best friends: In college, there is aways the myth about a boy being the best friend to a girl. In this case,- this is real. It can oftenly happen. But this friendship soon gives space to a beautiful romance, once they have to share their appartment. (Con)

- The Druid of Inari: There are many paths that the druids follow, but the druids of the SilverWood forest specialize in the goddess of fertility, Inari. So, they dwell deep in the forest, and are never to be met or seen with stranger. Most of them are high elves, with silver hair and pale skin, with beauty beyond limit, and capable of producing pleasure beyond these realms. This is when a Knight of the Ashera kingdom, accidentally, meets the beautiful druid by the lake. (Con or Non- Con).

- The sorceress apprentice: The powerfull and feared Sorceress of the RavenFell now have her own pupil. A young boy that she met on the field, seeking to meet her and stop her ''evilness". The fact is that she is not evil at all, and everything is a legend about her. She is indeed very powerfull, but extremelly good. She just doesnt know that her aprentice's real intention with her is pure pleasure (Con or Non-Con).

- In this together: They have been friends for a while now, living on the same kingdom. The male knight, and the female ranger, but now they must leave to seek their land since the Ogres devastated everything. Having no one but each other, they travel deep into the Sword Coast, seeking knowledge, power, and treasures, but not knowing a beautiful bond of love will emerge from this (Con)
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