toronto foot dominatrix sexy black leather boots for sale

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toronto foot dominatrix sexy black leather boots for sale

Postby marygoverness » Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:06 am

Hi boys,
I’m Mary the Governess and I love to crush, stomp, smush and shush all sorts of hard plastic toys, wet noisy foods and anything you desire in Toronto. There is only one sexy black leather boots have been so used and abused in my trail of destruction of stomping down on anything that belongs to you that they now need to go to a good home. I’m hoping that that home is yours... ;) I would love to crush and stomp anything you request just before I parcel them up and send them straight to you as one last send off for my boots. If you would like to see me in action destroying and crushing everything in my path please see my videos on youtube. ... re=related
I just love crushing so there’s lots of clips on there so please take a look.
The boots you see slowly working their way through everything on the floor are the boots I want to send to you. I hope you reply and talk to me because I would love to crush and send my boots to you...
Mary x
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