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Postby Critter » Mon Jun 03, 2002 8:48 am

send self addressed stamped envelope to

MAK c/o PO Box 954 Rockville, MD 20848

I seen them all and theirs are the best footjob
vids ever
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Postby 102-1047757125 » Mon Jun 03, 2002 5:29 pm

I think I've asked you a few times before but you've never replied.... do you have a website or sample photos?


Postby MikeKellyBuster » Mon Jun 03, 2002 5:42 pm

The person is Mike Kellerman.... Do not buy videos from him, you will not get the video. He pretends his name is "Alice".

In one posts on this forum he identifies himself as selling the videos, in another he pretends he's a "friend", in another he pretends he's a "customer"

So i guess not only is he a crossdressing rip-off artist, but also has multiple personality disorder....

Pretending he's a customer:

Here][b]Here[/url] he is selling the video:

Here][b]Here[/url] he pretends to be a "Friend":


Uggh... Maybe he's just mentally retarded.

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Critter - aka- MAK is Michael Kellerman
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Postby Critter » Wed Jun 05, 2002 12:35 pm

This is Critter. Sounds to me like this dude has
an ulterior "agenda". I would view it with deep
suspicion. My tapes came faster than I did.
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Postby 102-1047757125 » Sun Jun 09, 2002 10:10 am

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Postby HugeHeffner » Wed Jul 03, 2002 11:19 am

I am the owner of and I just wanted to say that wants nothing to do with Alice's Foot Videos. We removed all of their videos due to lies and bullshit from Alice or Mike or whoever they claim to be.

You can find Hot FootJob and Foot Tease videos directly from ExtremeFeet by visiting our web site at or

We care about each and every one of our customers!!

Also Alice's videos have never ever been advertised in Leg Show, Hustler, Leg Stease and so on. If they have please post an ad that ran in any of the magazines listed. They also do not even have a web site...what does that tell you!

Thanks for your time...I just want to clear up this bullshit!!
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Re: Great damn footjob videos - Best footjob videos I've eve

Postby annsexy » Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:15 pm

Amazing collections of footjob videos! I know one site you can find more handjob videos, check out the free porn videos by
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