Thanksgiving: Thanks For Giving Us… SWEET LIVE FEET!

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Thanksgiving: Thanks For Giving Us… SWEET LIVE FEET!

Postby FFPNYC » Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:06 am

Thanksgiving: Thanks For Giving Us… SWEET FEET!

Thanksgiving is a time for appreciation and gratitude. Especially when we dig into what many of us appreciate deeply: that FTFPNYC offers us the best of young pretty girls with sexy feet to tickle and eat!

We give you: The annual Thanksgiving theme party!
Date: Tuesday, November 18, 8 PM until midnight
*Please RSVP to:
(Or to be added to our free rockin fetish newsletter)

Can you just see it now: Feeling the delight of being with nubile cute Pilgrims, sexy little Indians, and maybe even some pretty turkeys with feathers; your mind snaps as you hear the little cutie say: “Pluck a feather and tickle my feet!

This Thanksgiving stuff your mouth, and your mind, with the sites sounds and feelings of hot young girls shoving their toes soles bare feet in stockings feet into your mouth. Gobble up those yummy toes! And beautiful friendly females of every size and type happily waiting to be pinned down and tickled mercilessly head to toe! By Y-O-U!

And our Thanksgiving banquet is just as complete as grandmas: stockings, socks, smelly feet, dirty feet, legs, mild BDSM, trampling, light spanking, role-play; definitely going to need the Rolaids after this banquet!

Sweet potatoes? Nah. Sweet toes! Squash? Nah. Being squashed by lovely girls! Overeat? Nah. More feet!

How about stuffing your face of little bit early this Thanksgiving? You are actually allowed to bring in pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, mushy sweet potatoes, and any other delicious Thanksgiving goodies to smear on the scrumptious feet and delectable legs of our delicious models and bon appétit with la feet!

By the way, for those of you who missed the remarkable Halloween party, you missed one of the best gatherings of hot females we gathered in nearly 10 years of running this party. One girl actually said to me, (No BS!): “Why wouldn’t all the guys be here, when there is a room full of incredibly beautiful girls, scantly clad in crazy sexy Halloween outfits, I can be beyond belief, to tickle and suck on their feet. Where are they? At home watching football?” (I paraphrased as much and as well as I can remember; close enough. ;) ) Guys really, fetish videos are cool, sports and all that is great, etc., however, being in a room full of nubile hotties who all are assured to be awesomely awesome people, willingly and happily giving you their feet and their bodies to kiss lick tickle massage spank (trample upon you if you wish) and such, is sublime sublimity!

So get your Thanks-Giving on, and gobble gobble on down!


Please forward this and share this with your fetish-friends!

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