Rentboy with Christian Wilde & Jessie Colte

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Rentboy with Christian Wilde & Jessie Colte

Postby ZamZun31 » Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:56 pm

Rentboy with Christian Wilde & Jessie Colter

Release Year: 2012
Studio: ManHandled
Cast: Christian Wilde & Jessie Colter
Genres: Anal, Butt Play, Cum Play, Drool/Drooling, Facial, Gagging, Kissing, Open Mouth Facial, Oral, Oral cum-shot, Rough Sex, Suits/Businessmen, Swallowing
Video language: English

If Jessie Colter was being completely honest (or just pessimistic), hiring an escort the second he landed in LA probably wasnt the best use of his time or his money. Not because of any outdated moral stance or anything like that – hed hired plenty of escorts before, and that was part of the problem. Jessie was very…particular with his tastes, and no matter how hot the men he ‘booked, they never failed to disappoint - all just a bunch of muscles and bravado with no real dominance to back them up. He still wasnt sure what it was about Christian Wildes picture that made him think this time would be any different. The tattoos maybe, his natural, un-waxed chest…or maybe it was that slightly sinister glint in his eyes…

Whatever it was, Jessie started to get a little excited despite his cynicism from the moment he let Christian in his h0tel room. The man certainly was hot, and he strode into the room with an air of confidence, none of that awkward fumbling small talk or waiting for Jessie to give him permission to start. He answered Jessies own few probing questions with a few terse words and got straight down to work feeling him up, punching his pecs through his shirt, testing the strength in his biceps with swift, sure glides of his hands up and down the lengths of Jessies gym-wrought arms before clamping a stern hand under his jaw and claiming his mouth with a passionate, searing kiss that sealed their lips together and gave Christians tongue easy access while exploring Jessies mouth. For the first time in as long as he could remember, Jessie understood what it felt like to actually have a man make his knees go weak. He reached out to support himself with his hands only to have Christian effortlessly bat them aside and or
der them kept behind his back, and he knew then, with sudden, mouth-watering certainty that this man was going to own him tonight….and paying for the privilege was going to be the greatest expenditure Jessie had ever made.

He put Jessie on his knees with practiced motions and an unbelievably sexy growl, rubbing the suited mans face all around his crotch with harsh, powerful jerks – a palm at the back of his head to ensure his mouth remained locked around the denim covering Christians groin, soaking it with his spit and drool and need as he gnawed hungrily at the fabric, trying to chew his way through to the fuck-stick hed seen dripping precum in the pictures of Christians ad. Stripping tantalizingly, teasingly slowly, the confident top had him practically vibrating with urgency by the time he revealed his half-hard dick, laughing quietly from above as Jessie attacked it, swallowing its whole length on the first dive in his haste to prove to this sexy young stud that nobody could pleasure him better than Jessie could. A warm flush spread through him as he took silent pride in how quickly his talented mouth swelled Christian to full mast, accompanied by a slight sense of shame at how easily hed turned into a cheap slut for the
man hed actually hired, but then wasnt that sensation exactly what hed been seeking all this time? His head swam with conflicting thoughts not dissimilar to the turmoil in Jessies mouth as his tongue, spit and Christians cock mixed and tumbled in a perfect storm of hot, sensual chaos. Almost as if he could sense Jessies preoccupation, Christian stripped his tie off and wrapped it around the back of Jessies head, using it to hammer his face up and down the length of his masters cock until there was no more energy to spare on thoughts other than remembering how to breathe.

Sunk in a haze of dazed confusion, Jessie moved on autopilot, relaxing into the sensations as Christian jerked him to his feet and ripped off his shirt, buttons popping free of the fabric and flying everywhere. His eyes were glazed and barely able to process the sight of the smirking dom standing over him when Christian shoved him down on the couch and held his hands imprisoned against the cushions. He shoved his cock back into the hot wet purse of Jessies mouth, Jessie trapped beneath him by the power of Christians arms, the forcefulness of his personality and his own eager, slutty, finally unlocked submissiveness. He groaned when Christian took his cock away only to gasp when he felt the warmth of the other mans mouth envelop his own dick. Unconsciously, he moved his hands to the sides of Christians head, trying to guide his pleasure the way he had with countless other inferior partners, but the superior stud only laughed at him and moved away, ripping off Jessies pants and tying his own tie around his neck
like a leash he used to guide him back to his knees.

Happily sucking again on his masters meat, frantically trying to convey his gratitude around a mouthful of cock, he jumped and shouted into the dominant tops groin when Christian asked if he was ready to get fucked, only to flush in both embarrassment and disappointment when told he needed to do a better job sucking first. Suddenly hyper-aware of the emptiness in his ass, he attacked Christians cock with renewed urgency, drooling at the thought of the stiff rod in his mouth instead filling his hole to the point of bursting. The proper motivation either made him a vastly superior cocksucker or else just made the time fly because the next thing Jessie knew, hed been shoved against the desk, one leg raised along the top of it and opening his ass at the perfect angle. He groaned and held tight to the wooden surface as Christian spit on his hole, preparing it with his tongue until Jessie was quivering in such an anticipating frenzy he was about to reduce the desk to a pile of kindling. Finally he pulled away, and
Jessie had a mere moment to brace himself, tight ass muscles clenching desperately at empty air before Christian sank into him with a single swift, sure stroke. Letting out an animalistic howl of simultaneous pain and fulfillment, he was given no time to recover as his master initiated fucking him with a hard, punishing rhythm that had his balls smacking against Jessies ass and his rod spearing the subs fuck-nut every single time. His arms were pulled tight behind his back, clenched uselessly in Christians steel grip and he knew in that instant his initial intuition had been dead-on….he wasnt being fucked, he was being goddamned owned, his ass completely claimed and there simply to be a glove to Christians cock, a place to plant his seed, and him just a submissive, slutty pussy boy who existed solely for his masters pleasure, just a thing to be used and appreciated in the way one appreciates a toy before its used up and needs to be thrown away.

“Oh god yeah, fuck me,” Jessie moaned, and Christian obliged but there was no illusion about who was directing whom….Christian was just taking what he wanted and Jessie was simply along for the ride. He was flipped over onto his back so quickly he didnt even have time to register the seconds that gorgeous cock spent out of his ass before plunging back in, and as he furiously jerked at his cock, staring up into the sexy, rugged face of the master owning him, he wasnt sure Christian even saw him. He was a non-entity, just a warm feeling encompassing the other mans cock, all of Jessies masculinity, his own model-good looks and carefully sculpted gym muscles, his suits and ties and profession were all useless and meaningless in the face of this superior stud. The realization brought Jessie to climax with a roar, shouting wordless gibberish that Christian muzzled with a hand gripped around his mouth even as that cock continued to punish his ass and his own thick cream coated the muscles of his abs.

It was, Jessie decided again, content to lie back exhausted as his master continued to wring his own pleasure out of Jessies helpless and spent body, definitely the best money hed ever spent.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 24:20
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1171kbps
Audio: 46kbps

File size: 217.9 MB


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